Sometimes, video files have a tendency to get frozen while playing on a computer or on any media player. The whole thing would prove to be frustrating than anything else and at the same time, it spoils the user experience.

Whether you are playing videos online or on any media players when a video freezes or keeps pausing in between, you are supposed to move the cursor back to the position where it halted and again start playing from that instance. If it stops in full-screen mode, then you may try to minimize the screen and then begin to play the file, etc. No matter how many times you fast forward the video and tried to fix the freezing issue, you end up with a video file that misses some important scenes.

No one likes to entertain such kind of interruptions of course! And start looking for the ways to troubleshoot such irritating hanging issues.

While there are a number of reasons for a video to freeze, there are a couple of ways you can try in order to fix the issue. A few of them are listed below:

Check whether you have the updated graphic card drivers

Video card drivers are an essential part for as they are the ones that help operating system in operating the video card. Sometimes, there might be chances that the media player you are using to play the video files is not up to date or it might be using some out dated set of drivers. So, install the latest graphic card drivers by going through these easy guidelines:

  • Navigate to Control Panel and select Device Manager
  • From there, select Display adapters
  • Right-click on the video card and choose Update driver software
  • After applying the necessary changes, it’s time to restart your system

The right ventilated approach

Possibilities that an SMPS with some issues, insufficient power supply, enclosing the CPU, etc. leads to overheating that further may cause many problems. So to avoid such kind of excessive heating issues, make sure that your system has a proper ventilated area. It would be better if you install latest cooling system!

Note that overheating is the actual cause behind the freezing or hanging of video files!

Change the resolution of the screen

Setting up the proper resolution is an important factor for a video file to work flawlessly. Each video requires a minimum specification for its proper functioning. So, set the video files at the right resolutions. The problem of video freezing may get resolved.

Check your internet connection

Slow internet connectivity is the reason for freezing or pausing the video if you’re streaming videos online. Before sharing your connection with others, make sure that you have a good enough connectivity because sharing with others might consume a lot of bandwidth. Make use of speed checkers to check the speed of your broadband.

What if the issue is with video files? What if the video files have been corrupt or damaged? For such instances, the proper suggestion would be using a reliable video repair tool. Remo Video Repair is the right tool to repair frozen video files. It helps in repairing MOV as well as MP4 video file formats just in few simple steps. It also fixes video files damaged due to compression issues, improper system shutdown, corrupt header file, changes made in the file formats, read/write errors, etc.

GO through the steps below to fix your corrupt or damaged videos using Remo Video Repair Tool

  • Run the video repair software and on the main screen, browse the file that is troubling you
  • After that, click Repair
  • The repairing process starts and you can view the overall progress
  • After its completion, select the file and click on Preview to view the repaired file
  • Click on Save button and save the file to the desired location

By now, you are very well aware of the steps to be taken when your video files pause or freeze or hang. Of course, the manual methods mentioned in this article deal with the video file freezing issue, but not all the time. However, if the issues are due to any corruption in the video files itself, then Remo Video Repair software is the best thing to opt. This will easily deal with your video files damaged due to a number of reasons.