Your hard drive was accidentally reformatted the other day, and you used some data recovery tool to get back all your files. You are all happy because your important files have been recovered from the hard disk drive. But the happiness was short term because you found some of your MOV video files to be corrupted. The videos were working fine before, but after recovering hard drive, they seem to have got corrupted. The videos are not playing on any media player!

Well, the video files could have got corrupted because the data recovery tool used may not be a reliable one. More often than not, if you use unreliable data recovery tools to retrieve deleted or lost data from hard drive, there are chances of files getting corrupted. Yours seems to be one such case. But don’t panic, there are solutions to problems. Read on to know how you can fix video files which got corrupted after hard drive recovery…..

Solution 1:

Try to fix the MOV video file using VLC’s built in repair tool. There are possibilities of the file getting fixed. But if this method doesn’t work out, then you probably need to look for other solutions as the corruption could be severe.

Solution 2:

There are many free repair tools available to fix MOV video files which are corrupt. However, again, these freewares doesn’t guarantee complete video file repair. So you need to check the authenticity of the software before using it. And, in some cases, it might corrupt the MOV video files even more.

Solution 3:

To easily and safely repair MOV video files corrupted after hard drive recovery, the best solution is to use Remo Repair MOV software. The tool will securely fix the video file which is damaged, in just few steps. Moreover, it is a read-only application which only reads the corrupt video file, separates the audio video streams, fixes the issue, and then rejoins the streams to create a healthy playable video.

Remo MOV Repair software helps to fix broken MP4 video files, damaged MOV files, unplayable or inaccessible MOV and MP4 files, etc., with ease. Furthermore, since the tool doesn’t work on the original corrupt video file, the file doesn’t get modified or damaged further. Thus, Remo MOV Repair utility ensures safe and simple video repair. Even when videos get corrupted due to header file damage, CRC errors, improper transfers, and so on, the application comes handy to fix the video files.