How to Setup an Internal Email Account in Outlook

Want to set up an internet email account to your existing Outlook 2013? This article guides you through the steps that are required to configure the email account. It includes both automatic and manual methods of setting up an Internet E-mail account on MS Outlook 2013. Now, let’s get started.

Setting up internet account setting

Note: To setup the email account you should have email id and password given by your internet service provider.

Identify and Setup Internet Mail Automatically

  1. Open Outlook application, click File tab and select Info and then Account Settings and again Account Settings from the drop-down menu
  2. Now, in the Email window, select New
  3. Add New Account dialog-box will open. To automatically set up a new account, configure below mentioned settings in Auto Account Setup > Email Account

Enter your name in the ‘Your Name’ box.

Enter your email address in the ‘Email Address’ box

Enter Password, in the ‘Password’ box

Re-enter Password and hit Next

Remember, the Email and Password you enter here should be provided by your internet service provider.

MS Outlook will try to configure the account automatically. You can check mark the box ‘Save this password in your password list’ if you want Outlook to enter your e-mail password automatically. You will be indicated if the account is configured successfully.

Finally, select Finish and then Close.

If the automatic email account setup fails, you have to configure it manually. And the process to do the same is as mentioned below:

Setup Internet E-Mail Manually

To setup the Internet e-mail account manually, you have to start from ‘Add New Account’ dialog box. Once you are there, follow the below-mentioned steps;

  1. Choose “Manual setup or additional server types” and click Next.
  2. Choose IMAP or POP and click Next.
  3. Configure the below-mentioned settings under User Information.

Enter your full name and email address in the respective boxes. (Email ID and password is provided by your internet service provider)

  1. In the ‘Account Type’ box under ‘Server Information’, select the type of e-mail account you have. If you choose IMAP or POP3 as an Account Type, then configure the below settings;
    • In the ‘Incoming mail server’ box, enter the server name in small letters. The name can be in the form of IP address like or it can be like “mail.example.com”
    • In the ‘Outgoing mail server (SMTP)’box, enter the server name in small letters. It can be in form of IP address like or it can be like “mail.example.com”
  2. Under “Logon Information”, setup the subsequent settings;
  • Enter the user name in the “User Name” Some ISPs may require your complete email address name. you have contact your internet service provider for that.
  • Enter the password in the “Password”
  1. To log in using ‘Secure Password Authentication’, check mark the box “Require logon by using Secure Password Authentication (SPA)”
  2. Choose “Test Account Settings.” Immediately, the following process will occur;

The internet connectivity of the system is confirmed.

  • You are logged on to the SMTP server.

You are logged on to the POP3 server.

If POP3 server is required to be logged on first, Outlook will automatically set “Log on to incoming mail server before sending mail” option.

A test email message is sent. The message explains the changes that were made by Outlook to the initial set up.

  1. Finally, click Next and then Finish.

If the procedure is followed properly you should not have any problem in configuring the email account. Having said that, if you are looking for a solution to fix common Outlook errors, go for a reliable Outlook repair tool, which does an impeccable job in repairing some common to severe Outlook errors.

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