Troubleshooting Hard Drive that Won’t Show Up on Mac

The hard drive doesn’t show up when connected to Mac computer, what might have gone wrong? There are several factors which make your drive unrecognizable on Mac. Before going to take any step to fix the issue, first, ensure whether hard drive itself is got corrupted/failed or any other problem.


  1. Ensure that hard drive cable is working and connected properly
  2. Check whether your hard drive is working or not
  3. Connect your hard drive through different port to ensure that it is not due to port problem
  4. Connect your drive to another computer

Above mentioned points, helps you to find whether the problem is in cable or anything else so that you can opt proper troubleshooting techniques. In case, the problem is with your cable, then replace it. If the problem is not related to cable, then check out the below methods to solve the hard drive won’t show on Mac issue.

Workaround 1: –

  1. Turn on Computer and go to Settings
  2. Then, In Finder, select Preferences
  3. Check whether external drive is selected or not in “Show these items on the desktop” under General tab
  4. If not, select the external drive

Workaround 2: –

  • Turn off the computer and remove all the cables connected to computer
  • Then, wait for some time and again plug all the cables back
  • Now, turn on the Mac computer and attach your drive to it

Workaround 3: –

If any of the above methods fail to fix your problem, then the problem must be on the hard drive. So, to fix the issue follow below mentioned steps-

  • Go to Disk Utility (Press Command + Space key and enter Disk Utility in spotlight search and then hit Enter)
  • In Disk Utility, choose the unrecognizable drive and from the sidebar, click on verify Disc
  • It will scan, find and fix minor errors

If the problem still persists, try out third party external hard drive repair tools. Before using repair tools, restore data from the portable drive using Remo Recover software. Once you get all your data back, use third party software’s or contact experts to repair your hard drive.

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