How to Recover That Un-Saved Office Document

Recover unsaved Word Doc

You closed an Office document and clicked “Don’t Save” accidentally or your computer got shut down suddenly or the file crashed before you could save the document. We all have been there at least once. The thought of re-creating the document all over again can be depressing. Well, there is an option to recover those unsaved documents. By default, Office applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint automatically save the document you work. So, don’t panic as you have a good chance of recovering those documents.

We are not talking about data loss situations like accidental deletion, files emptied from Recycle Bin, file deleted using Shift + Del key, files lost during cut-paste operation or other situations where your files are unrecoverable manually. In these cases, a good Office file recovery software can be your saviour. Having said that, if you run into a situation where you need to recover that un-saved document, here’s how to do it.

How to Recover an Un-Saved Office Document?

Below mentioned are steps to recover those unsaved Word file 2016. These steps can be followed to recover other applications like Excel and PowerPoint. Along with this, we’ll also give you instructions on how to recover unsaved word document in 2010 & 2013 as well. Auto recovery feature was introduced quite long ago and if you are using an older version, you might have to hunt a little bit to get the right commands though we have mentioned a quick way to get those files back.

  • Begin by opening the application that you were working and where the file was saved. Next, click on File
  • Next click on Info. In this windows click on Manage Documents. From the drop-down menu, select Recover Unsaved Document.
  • The files that have been recovered will be saved in UnsavedFiles Choose the document you need and click Open.

The procedure to recover un-saved files in Office 2010 & 2013 are almost same and the steps mentioned below works for Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

  • Open the application that you were working.
  • Click File
  • Select Recent.
  • Now, select Recover Unsaved Documents.
  • A new window will open with all the Unsaved files, select the one you need and click

If you are using an older operating system like Windows XP/Vista or Windows 7, you can browse the below mentioned path to open the document.

Windows XP
C:\Documents and Settings\User_Name\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Office\UnsavedFiles

Windows Vista/Windows 7

Be informed that these locations cannot be changed and files will be stored for 4 days from the day of creation.

How to Change AutoRecover Settings in Office 2016.

Microsoft Office offers you to change the way each application is saved including how frequently they are saved, where they are saved, and whether a copy of the document is kept in case you close the file without saving.

  • Open the office document and click File tab and select Options.
  • In the Options window, select Save from the left pane and make sure the two options – autosave every 10 minutes and keep the last autosaved version if I close without saving is check-marked.

If you think 10 minutes is too long, you can reduce it to whatever minutes you want it to. You can set the autosave time anywhere between 1 minute to 120 minutes.

Hopefully, you’ll never find yourself in a situation, where you require this auto recovery tools. Though this tool may come in handy in this case, it does not save you in all data loss situations. While working on an Office document the habit of saving the document at regular intervals can save your day.

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