Thumb Drive Vs External SSD – Which one to Opt For

Are you unable to decide the best out of thumb drive and SSD? Then here is way to clear your doubt. Refer this page and decide the best out of the two.

There are number of users who are unable to decide, which is the best between Thumb drive and external SSD, and curious to know the difference between these two. So this page is been written to help such users to come out this confusion and decide the best out of these two drives. Before knowing the differences, let us first understand similarities between flash drives (Thumb drives) and external SSDs.

  • SSD and flash drives both store files in the form of solid state flash RAM and you can plug them to computer using USB cable.
  • Both thumb drive and external SSD are based on NAND based flash memory, which can recollect data without power, as result these are named as flash memory.

So here are some major differences or unique features between Thumb drive and SSD drive:

  • SSDs are usually shaped as hard drives then purpose behind this is, SSD can be replaced internal HDD as a result they must fit perfectly into computer’s bay.
  • Compared to thumb drives, SSDs are much faster.
  • SSDs come with USB 3.0 connectors which improves performance
  • Flash drives are cheaper compared to solid state drives
  • Pen drive or thumb drive controller has small micro controller with less amount of on-chip ROM and RAM where as in SSD, controller is embedded processor that executes firmware level code
  • SSDs use electronic interfaces well-suited with traditional block I/O internal hard disk drives. Flash drives normally use a standard USB plug that delivers the physical interface to the host system.
  • Among all the important one is that recovering lost data from thumb drive costs less compared to data recovery from SSDs

So after observing the above difference, we can see that SSD come in handy when you need more storage and speed. Whereas thumb drives can be a chosen if you want more robust and less cost storage device. Pen drives (Thumb drives) are basically used for data transfer and short term storage as a resuxlt these are not as reliable as external SSDs.




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