Troubleshooting GoPro Studio Crashing Issues

While trying to edit a movie on GoPro Studio, it repeatedly crashes and doesn’t allow you to complete that task. Why GoPro studio shows such an unusual behavior? There are plenty of reasons due to which GoPro Studio hangs and crashes every now and then. Some of them are listed below:

GoPro Studio

  1. Software may not be up to date
  2. Editing a long video, which cannot be handled by GoPro Studio
  3. Compatibility issues
  4. Computer doesn’t meet the requirements of GoPro Studio

How to Troubleshoot GoPro Studio Crashing Issues?

Phase 1: Resolving GoPro Studio Crashing Issues in Windows

  1. Make sure that you have installed the latest version of GoPro Studio.
  2. Check whether your computer meets requirements of GoPro studio or not.
  3. First copy video from your GoPro camera to computer, then import it to GoPro Studio for editing
  4. Open your GoPro Studio from administrator account or else click on GoPro Studio and select Run as Administrator option
  5. Check whether you have all the Windows updates and service packs. To check this

Go to Start button and in the search box enter “Turn Windows features on or off”. Then, choose Microsoft .Net framework 3.x.x. Select all the checkboxes and hit Ok.

  1. Ensure that the filenames or the folders didn’t have any non-English letters
  2. If nothing works and still your GoPro studio keeps crashing, then open your system in Safe Mode and then open GoPro Studio. If it doesn’t crash in Safe Mode, then it indicates that there is conflicts between GoPro Studio and another program which is running in non-safe mode
  3. If GoPro Studio crashes in Safe Mode, then uninstall GoPro studio and then install it

Steps to Reinstall GoPro Studio- Start Menu > Control Panel > Programs and Features->GoPro Studio

  1. Change User Account Settings
  2. Disable your antivirus software. (Steps may vary depending on your antivirus software.)

Click on Antivirus software and right click on it. Select Disable option

Phase 2: Fixing GoPro Studio Crashing Issues in Mac

  1. Ensure that your computer meets the requirements of GoPro Studio software
  2. While editing images in GoPro Studio, close other unused running applications
  3. Verify that whether all the latest updates are installed or not. To check this, click on Apple icon then software update
  4. Make sure that you are editing files saved on your computer not directly from camera
  5. Uninstall the software and then reinstall it
  6. If the problem still persists, send crash report to customer support

Indeed, GoPro Studio is the best software to edit your videos, recorded using GoPro Camera. But sometimes, even it troubles you a lot. If it is the matter of crash, then you can solve it using the tricks mentioned above. Unfortunately, at times, this crash results in GoPro video loss. What will you do in such situation? Well, use Remo Photo Recovery software to recover your deleted GoPro video file. It helps to fix MP4, MOV and other types of video files.

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