How to Recover Files Lost after Cut Operation

Did you ever think that a simple Cut and Copy process of files will actually give you trouble? No, right? But you are facing it now. While moving files from one folder to another using Cut Paste option, you lost few files. You don’t know what mistake you made; the files were cut but they weren’t pasted to the destination. You checked in the Recycle Bin too to see if the files went there, but the files weren’t present in it.

Cut Files

Many times users go through this situation, especially while transferring files from system to external storage devices. There are many reasons why you lose files during Cut Paste process; listed here are a few –

  • A sudden system shutdown is one of the most common reasons for losing files. While transferring files using Cut Paste option, if the system shuts down suddenly, then you lose files.
  • If you abruptly eject storage medium from the system when Cut Paste process is in progress, then you lose files
  • Application malfunction, hardware failure, and so on, are few other reasons for losing files

Now you must be wondering if there is a way to recover files lost after Cut Paste process. Well, try out these methods to get back files lost during/after Cut Paste operation –

Open Start menu, and search Recent Items list.

If you are unable to find files, then do this –

Go to C:\Users/USERNAME/AppData/Microsoft/Roaming/Recent Items

Here you will find a list of recent items. Try to find your lost files in this list.

If this doesn’t work out too, then do an Advanced Search by entering the file name, or any keywords present in the missing file.

Cut Paste File

Well, still unable to find your files? Then the only solution now is to look for a File Recovery software to get back lost files after Cut Paste process. Remo Recover software comes in handy to get back cut files from your hard drive, pen drive, external drive, and other storage mediums in an easy and simple manner. This tool comes with advanced scanning mechanisms which will find and recover cut files in just a short while. Whether it is your Word document, PDF file, Presentation file, Excel file, ZIP file, etc., you can restore them easily with Remo Recover File application. It supports file recovery from various Windows OS versions like Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and so on.

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