How to Secure My External Hard Drive from Any Threat?

Nowadays, external hard drives are very popular, as they are used to a maintain a backup of crucial files and for data transfer. However, these external drives are prone to virus attack, corruption, physical damage etc. As a result, the data that resides on these drives is at risk. So we are here with some tips to avoid these circumstances and safeguard your external hard drive.

·         Scan External hard drive

Whenever you connect your external drive make sure you scan it with trustable antivirus software. This will help you to avoid virus infection on your drive. To avoid format error on your new drive, format it before you start using it.

·         Organize the files on External Hard Drive

Try to maintain all the files in a single folder so that it will reduce the file duplication. Remove the files which are no more useful, and maintain free space in the drive.

Note: While removing unwanted files, if have erased any important file then you can smartly recover deleted data from the external hard drive using Remo Recover software.

·         Frequently defragmentation of hard drive

Frequent defragmenting the external hard drive will improve the data access rate and reduce the booting time.

·         Protect against over voltage

One can use surge protection to protect the external drive against overvoltage. As electronics of the drive will react very sensitive in case of the overvoltage.

·         Avoid mishandling of drive

Do not use the same external hard drive on the different system often as there are chances are corruption. Abrupt removal external HDD during file transfer process and exposure to overheating or moisture are also considered to be the reasons for damage or corruption.

·         Several external drives- Mark each with different colors

Are you one of them who use various external hard drives? If so then it is suggested to mark the power adapter with different colors, as there are chances of swapping the power adapter. Usage of the different adapter may cause dramatic consequence to the electronics of disk drive because wrong voltages may cause the shortage and damage the electronics of the external HDD.

·         Data Encryption

Always be careful while encrypting the drive data, as it is very difficult to recover once the data is lost especially when the password for data encryption is lost. So it is recommended that one must always maintain the backup of data before going to encrypt, format, repair, reformat etc.

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