How to Transfer Videos from iPhone to PC

File Transfer from iPhone to PC

If you are an iPhone user then definitely one or the other day your video files, images, and other sorts of files stored on it will take up the entire storage media space of your iPhone. Typically, videos that you captured or movies you downloaded from the internet onto your iPhone eat-up the major space of the device. So, you need to transfer them to a computer and remove from your iPhone to free up the storage space.

Apart from storage concern even if you have recorded shots using your iPhone and they are important for you then transferring them to any accessible computer is a wiser action.

Thus, it is essential to know how to transfer videos from iPhone to PC. You might have wondered that why should I move videos to PC itself. Well, here is the answer.

You can easily move your media files like videos, photos etc. to Mac machine using iTunes, iPhoto etc. apps. But, if you have a Windows PC in place of Mac then you may feel difficulty in exporting those videos. So, here I have explained several ways to move videos from iPhone to PC.

Method 1: AutoPlay

  1. Hook up iPhone with your Windows computer.
  2. If the AutoPlay wizard pops up then click on Import Pictures and Videos using Windows option.
  3. Choose Import Settings.
  4. In the appeared window use Browse button to specify the folder to import videos.
  5. Click OK and then, Import button.

Method 2: USB

If your computer doesn’t facilitate AutoPlay, then make use of a compatible USB cable.

  1. Connect your iPhone to Windows PC via a USB cable. Wait until the PC detects your iPhone. If iPhone not detected then detach it, restart the PC and again connect.
  2. Once the PC finds your iPhone, you will get a notification with the option called Trust. Just, click on it.
  3. Next, go to This PC/My Computer and right-click on your iPhone.
  4. Choose Import pictures and videos option.
  5. If you are importing videos first time from iPhone then, opt Review, organize, and group items to import option and hit Next.

Method 3: Photo App (Windows 10)

Similar to Photos App on Mac, Windows 10 also offers a media importing app to move photos, videos etc. media files from iPhone to Windows PC.

  1. Connect your iPhone to Windows 10 PC and select it. Then click on Apps.
  2. Select an app on your PC using the list located below File Sharing to transfer a file from iPhone.
  3. Select video files that you want to move and tap Save to button
  4. Mention the location to save videos and opt Open.

Method 4: iTunes

  1. Get the latest edition of iTunes for your Windows computer and install it.
  2. Now, link your iPhone with the computer using a USB cable.
  3. Launch the iTunes and select Import option present at the top right corner.
  4. Mark video files, which you want to move to PC, Continue.


Avoid any sort of interruptions during transfer of videos from your iPhone to PC. As these disturbances raised while moving videos, photos or any media files lead to data loss. In case, if you have lost any important video file in the course of transfer process due to unknown or accidental reasons then make use of Remo Recover application to recover videos lost when transferring to PC from iPhone or any external storage devices.

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