iTunes is an official media player and media library app developed by Apple to manage iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch libraries. With the help of iTunes, you can easily transfer your videos, movies, music, photos etc. from PC to iPhone in less time. Thus, when you think of transferring videos from computer to iPhone, the first thing you will try is iTunes.

Transfer to PC

Leaving iTunes apart, have you ever thought of any other ways to import videos from PC to iPhone? If your answer is “No” then you need to think of it.

Definitely, you may ask “why should I go for any other method whilst I have the best one?” Well, here is the answer.

Even though iTunes is the best way to copy video or any other files from PC to iPhone, it has some drawbacks.

  1. It is the sluggish way of transferring videos to iPhone
  2. Each sync of your iTunes swaps the current videos on your iPhone, with the library present on your computer.

So, how to copy your videos from PC to iPhone, without swapping or losing files on iPhone? Here you go…

There are various methods to send videos from PC to iPhone without iTunes. Among those several techniques, few effective approaches are listed here. Go through each and adapt the one, which suits you.

1) Transfer videos using VLC


To send video files to iPhone from PC via VLC, all you need is VLC App on iPhone
and Wireless Network. And, an elementary requirement is both your iPhone and PC should be on the same network. All set? Then start transferring your videos from PC to iPhone.

  • Launch VLC on your iPhone
  • Go to menu
  • Enable Sharing via WiFi option
  • Note the IP address
  • Open browser in PC
  • Type IP address or local
  • Drag and drop the videos onto Drop Files

Or click on Drop Files and select your videos

  • Wait for complete transfer of videos
  • Check your iPhone for transferred video files

2) Import videos via Dropbox


To send videos from PC to iPhone via Dropbox, first, you need to download and install Dropbox app on your PC. Then create your account and log in. Now, follow these steps.

Added info: If transferred video fails to play on your iPhone then check original video files on your PC. If the source video itself is unplayable then you need to fix it using a suitable technique. So, check Remo Repair MOV to learn how to repair corrupted or damaged MOV video, MP4 or M4V files easily.
  • Switch to upload tab and tap on + icon
  • Go to Photos and then Videos
  • Create a Dropbox folder (Skip, if already exists)
  • Select videos that you want to transfer
  • Upload them onto Dropbox folder
  • Access Dropbox from your iPhone
  • Opt to sync the video files
  • Use Favorites (start icon) to save videos in offline folder
  • Share Video helps to export videos onto your iPhone

3) Send video files through Email


Email is one of simplest ways to copy videos from your PC to iPhone. Try it by following below steps

  • Compose an email
  • Attach videos that you wish to have on iPhone
  • Send the email to your id
  • Sync the email app on your iPhone
  • Open email on iPhone
  • Download your videos

4) Professional iPhone transfer tools

If you are longing for an automated way to transfer your videos from PC to iPhone, then there exists plenty of professional tools like FonePaw iOS Transfer

Leawo iTransfer, AnyTrans, WALTR, PC to iPhone Transfer, TunesGo etc. Check out these tools and get your job done.