How to Move Photos, Videos, Music and Files to SD card?

Are you looking for a way to transfer pictures, videos, songs, and other files from your phone (Android) to SD card? Well, this guide helps you in moving any type of media files along with other files to SD card in easy and simple steps.

Micro SD Card

This article could be helpful in these cases…

  • When you have bought a brand new SD card for your phone and want to move all your files onto to that card.
  • If you are planning to reset your phone and want to backup data. All the files will be safe on SD card and later you can transfer back to phone after reset

Go with the fundamental method first!

The very first method you should try to move pictures, videos and other files from phone to SD card is, go to Settings on Phone, then navigate to Storage, and then see if you could find any option called ‘Transfer data to SD card’. If it’s there, then well and good. If not, then you need to do carry out the process of moving files manually (as mentioned in the next paragraph) as not all the phones include the option to directly transfer all the files to SD card.

Move pictures, videos and other files to SD card without using PC/computer

Note: Before you begin this process, make sure you have inserted SD card into your phone

Step 1: Start by locating the files that you want to move to SD card

First of all, find the files that you are planning to transfer from phone to SD card. To locate,

  • Go to “My Files” or File Manager (in some phones) from your Phone’s main screen
  • Tap on All Files, you can see the storages available (Device Storage and SD Card Storage) on the phone
  • Since you need to move files to SD card, select Device storage
  • Once you choose Device Storage, all the files available on the internal storage of your phone will appear in specific folders

Note: Some of the common folders you need to concentrate on in order to move pictures, videos and music are Pictures, DCIM, Movies, and Music.

Step 2: Move required files from phone to SD card

Tap on the folder that contains the files/ files you wanted to transfer to the SD card. Just assume you are moving some videos. To do this, follow this quick instruction:

Device Storage > Movies > Select the desired videos > Share > Settings > Copy > go to SD memory card > Movies > finally paste here

Note: Similar guidelines has to be followed to move pictures and music. Only the folder name changes as per the need.

Be careful while selecting and copying the videos to the memory card. If at all you select Delete option instead of Copy, then it is impossible to recover deleted videos that are stored on internal phone’s storage. However, recovering videos deleted from SD card has a different story! You can restore them through reliable SD card video recovery software easily.

Transferring media files to SD card with the help of PC

The other easiest way to quickly move photos, video, music and other files to SD card is by using a PC. Attach your phone to the computer using USB cable and you should be able to see the phone’s internal storage and SD card as two separate storages.

Now you can transfer files from Internal storage to SD card by simply drag and drop method. First, drag the required files to PC’s desktop and then move them to SD card, and finally delete them from phone’s memory.

Hope this article will help you through the process of moving up your information to SD card. However Android phones have a wonderful file management system, just you need to dig a bit to navigate through the folders and use them in a proper way for moving files from them.

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