People use external hard drives to store their data which they want to keep for a long time. Do you think Data Securedata stored in the external hard drive are safe? Well! the unfortunate situation can strike anytime which may land you in a data loss situation from external drives. Hence, it is better to protect your external hard drive data before striking any disaster.

 “Prevention is better than cure”

Prevention methods are far better than finding the solutions after landing in the problem. Hence, here are few situations that result in data loss from portable hard drive and tips to prevent it-

Tip 1: When it comes to data protection, the first preventive measure is to backup the data in other external devices. What if it is a matter of the external hard drive? As you know, people are using the external hard drive as a backup device, then where should we backup extremal hard drive data. Well, you can back up your data in the cloud.

Scenario 1:
External Hard Drive Failure

External hard drives fail due to a number of reasons. Where some of the external hard drives die due to internal factors such as file system damage, the excessive number of bad sectors, etc., whereas some ends their life due to external factors like overheating, dropping hard drive, power surges, etc.

Preventive steps:

  • Always monitor drive health, like temperature, usage, etc.
  • Never yank your extremal hard drive abruptly when it is connected to other devices
  • Handle your external hard drive with care. Don’t drop your external hard drive.
  • Don’t fill your hard drive with data, make sure there is some space left
  • Avoid letting the drives spin down constantly

Scenario 2: Deletion of Data

People will always do this mistake: where he/she accidentally removes important files from external hard drive.

Preventive Measures:

  • Before deleting files, check twice whether you have selected correct file or not

Scenario 3: Computer Viruses

You will invite viruses on external hard drive by connecting it to infected computers. If you don’t take proper action on earliest, they result in drive corruption and eventually causes inaccessibility. When you connect this external drive to your computer, you may get to see the error stating that says “Disk unknown not initialized”.  In such cases, to recover data from uninitialized hard drive, you have to use data recovery tools. If you don’t want to spend money for data recovery, then keep your external hard drive away for viruses. How?? Follow below mentioned tips-

Preventive Actions:

Here are the steps you can follow in order to prevent any virus infection on your drive:

  • Before using an external hard drive, scan for viruses using antivirus software
  • Don’t connect your external hard drive to virus infected devices
  • Avoid copying infected files to external hard drive