How to Fix Blurry Videos in Windows Movie Maker?

It’s a universal fact that nobody likes blurry videos. They wash out user’s enjoyment. You’ll lose interest in watching the movie or video if it is blurry. So, is there any way to fix these blurry video files? Yes, you can easily remove blurriness from videos via Windows Movie Maker.

Blurry Movie

Windows Movie Maker (WMM) is a simple yet great tool for video creation and editing. Any novice user can use WMM on all versions of Windows. So, let’s have a look on how to use this Windows Movie Maker to fix your blurry videos. Here is the step by step guidance.

Method 1:  Just Change it

  • Launch Windows Movie Maker
  • Choose Click here to browse for videos and photos
  • Select your blurry video
  • Pull the video to Windows Movie Maker timeline (located at bottom of WMM window)
  • Opt Visual Effects tab present at top
  • Select and drag the effect that you like to add, into the timeline
  • Hit Save Movie Wizard button located under Finish Movie, at left side
  • Name the video and proceed
  • Go to Other Settings
  • Pick DV-AVIfrom drop-down
  • Save the file on new location

Method 2: Trial and Error

  • Open blurry video in Windows Movie Maker
  • Make changes that you want to do like- adding title, caption etc
  • Click on Project

  • Choose Standard option in Aspect ratio
  • If, video quality is normal then change Aspect ratio to previous
  • Save the video

Note: As you continue, you may experience blurriness in the video. At those points, keep changing Aspect ratio to get a quality video and finally save it.

Method 3: Get It Done in a Click                                        

Sometimes, Windows Movie Maker fails to remove complete blurriness from the affected file, especially when that video is corrupted. So, what can be done at those times? Well, no need to scratch your head. Here is the answer.

You need to use an automated way to repair your blurred video file when rest of the manual methods fails. Here is how you can do it:

Step 1: Download, install and launch Remo repair tool

Step 2: Open your blurry video and hit Repair key

Step 3: Preview the video and save it to any desired location.

Check-it: Ensure if all of your remaining videos are playing fine and only a specific set of videos are showing blurriness before you come to a conclusion that the video is corrupted.

Avoid the issue instead of fixing it:

If you learn, blurriness is introduced in videos due to corruption then pay attention to safeguarding your videos from this moment. It is wiser to look after your video file instead of spending time in fixing its issue. So,

  • Always save your important videos on healthy drive
  • Keep video files away from virus
  • Don’t play videos in incompatible players


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