Easy Guide on Repairing Corrupt QuickTime Movie File

Does QuickTime movie file is not playing or prompting an error on Windows system?

Do not worry… here’s an article to showcase the method for fixing movie file quickly…

Every individual might encounter the same issue at least once while playing video on your Windows. It would be a most distressing moment when you’re not able to play, either downloaded or recorded video. There are many possible reasons why QuickTime movie stops playing all of sudden, and displays vivid errors when accessed. Repairing corrupt QuickTime video with the help of Hi5 MOV File Repair is very easy.

First let’s see when the QuickTime movie file becomes inaccessible

Audio-Video Sync Error: This type of error occurs due to conversion of a movie file by using third party application, which may change the in-built frames of the audio- video file

Video Header Corruption: Header file corruption happens because of the modification in the file information such as name, size, date or extension. Sometimes files get corrupted due to severe virus attack during download of file from internet

Abrupt termination of QuickTime Media Player: QuickTime video may get crashed due to sudden termination of player

Loss of Internet Connectivity: Video will not download properly because of poor internet connection, and hence video might be unplayable

Now let’s proceed with Hi5 MOV File Repair Utility, which helps in fixing corrupt QuickTime movie files in a simplest way. This tool is extensively designed to repair corrupted or unplayable MOV file. No extra effort is needed to repair corrupted file since this application is developed with simple user interface. This would be a better choice to fix corrupt QuickTime movie file.

But you may think why to use only this tool for repairing corrupt QuickTime movie file?

Well, when you are very much concerned about video file then it’s a must that you have to rely upon a trustworthy tool. Hi5 MOV File Repair software fix corrupted videos, compression issues, read/ write errors. It will support different video codec as mpeg, mp4v, avc1 etc. Repaired video will run synchronously without any flaw.

Salient features of Hi5 MOV File Repair Software

Repair technique is very advanced and fixes even unplayable video with utmost ease. This application also supports external devices such as memory cards, camcorder, USB drives etc. By employing this software, you will be able to restore corrupted QuickTime movie file on any version of Windows including Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003/2008. Audio- Video sync issues can also be fixed easily. Repairs HD video file recorded by professional cameras.

Let’s see how to repair corrupt QuickTime movie file

Download and install Hi5 MOV Repair Utility and launch it on Windows. Now, in the next screen the application will prompt to select healthy and corrupted MOV file. After selecting the files click on Repair option. It will start analyzing the file and within couple of minutes, this tool will fix MOV file. Once after repairing, you can preview the details of MOV file which is provided with PREVIEW option. Save the MOV file on desired location. Now you can play your favorite video!


  • Don’t use any unreliable third party application to conversion of video to a different format

You will be provided with demo version of the software which is similar to licensed version with only one feature missing, i.e., SAVE option will be enabled only after successful purchase of paid version