Recover Files after Windows 8 Reset

Wondering, how to get back data after performing restore factory settings on Windows 8? Well, you are at right place, here I’m providing information on how to perform data recovery after Widows 8 reset in an easy manner…

We know that by performing reset factory settings, entire data saved on your system will be erased. But, worst thing happens when there is important data on your PC and you have performed factory settings without backup. Hence, to overcome such data loss issues, Remo software has come up with data recovery tool with which you can restore files from Windows 8 drive after reset. This tool provides free demo version, so you can first evaluate the recovery results and later purchase the application to save the recovered files. But, to save the restored files, you need to purchase this application.

How Remo Data Recovery tool restores files after Windows 8 Reset?

The process to restore data after factory reset Windows 8 can be done in few mouse clicks with its simple user-friendly interface. During recovery, this application restores files by scanning entire Windows 8 drive to locate and restore files lost due to reset factory settings. Different file types such as ZIP files, PDF, documents, music files, images, and so on can be retrieved easily. Apart from Windows 8, this software is compatible with other Windows OS versions like Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP including the latest Windows 10. Apart from data recovery after Windows reset, this tool can be used even in the following data loss scenarios, such as:

  • When files are deleted accidentally and the Recycle Bin is emptied.
  • Data loss due to the interruptions while transferring files from system to storage device or vice versa.
  • Loss of data due to file system corruption.
  • When HDD containing important files is formatted accidentally rather than formatting some other drive.
  • Mistakenly erasing important files rather than unwanted ones by using Shift + Delete key or Command Prompt from Windows system.
  • Loss of files due to the errors that occur during file system conversion.
  • Deletion of files due to the usage of unreliable third party application to recover files from Windows.

More about Remo Recover software

  • Data can be recovered from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and exFAT partitions that are formatted/reformatted
  • Even bad sectors present on the drive can be restored by creating Disk Images and later you can retrieve data from these images.
  • You can restore data from various storage devices such as USB drives, flash memory cards, FireWire drives, iPods, etc.
  • The tool offers two options to view the recovered files i.e., File Type View, to display the data based on file extensions whereas, Data View, to display data in hierarchical format.
  • The recovered files can eb saved on any accessible storage device and it can be compressed to a ZIP archive to save disk space.

Restoring Dead Hard Drive Data using Easy-to-Use Software

“Please somebody help me to get out of this weird problem.

Yesterday, while working in my system, suddenly beep sound started and system turned off. Prior to this, there was some clicking sound every time I started the desktop. Can anyone tell me what the reason behind this behavior is and how to access the data from computer?

Thanks in advance”

Well, the situation mentioned here suggests that system hard drive is dead. Getting beep sound is the common symptom of hard drive before it becomes dead. Apart from this, you can observe some other symptoms previous to hard disk failure, like – Computer freezing, which is one of the earliest sign of hard drive failure, disappearing files (loss of files or data) is one of the concerning symptom of hard drive death,  slow processing speed and lagging startup, etc.

Causes for hard drive to go dead

  • Harmful virus attack on hard disk
  • Excess of heat
  • Continuous power surges
  • Usage of malicious or faulty application

However, once the hard disk is dead you cannot even reboot your system, then how can you retrieve data from such hard disk?

It’s just simple, you need to utilize some good data recovery application; and Hi5 Partition Recovery Software would be the right choice for you. So here is a perfect procedure to recover data from dead hard drive.

First, install Hi5 Partition Recovery Application on Windows system and run it. Click on first option from “Partition Recovery” and “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery” options in main screen. Next, this program will display list of logical and external drive associated with that system, select the drive from where you want to recover data. Then, it will start scanning process; wait for few minutes till it is finished. Then, retrieved data will be display in two views such as “Data view” and “File Type View”. Mark the required files or else click on “Skip” button to select all files by default. Finally save extracted files to a desired location.

Hi5 Partition Recovery Tool comes with outstanding features

  • Hi5 Partition Recovery Program is the user trusted and high rated utility which is designed in order to restore data from crashed laptop hard drive of any version of Windows operating system
  • It offers very simple graphical user interface to achieve the task of data recovery from dead hard drive effortlessly. Thus, operate the utility directly without any training session
  • This advanced tool is prepared with the robust scanning algorithm that helps to obtain more than 300 file formats based on their unique signatures
  • Remarkable product has complete control over finding out files from the list of restored data on the basis of their name, creation date, extension, size & date
  • It is compatible with all popular Windows file systems such as FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, and ExFAT

Other features of Hi5 Partition Recovery Tool

This product occupies just minimal memory of your disk in order to get installed on your system. Get benefited using free trial version of this software in order to evaluate its performance level. It is scanned with the updated and trustworthy antivirus program. This is the reason why it is called as risk free tool. This will also provide “Preview” option to view retrieved data before storing that on desired storage media and “Save Recovery Session” to save the scanned results.

Data Recovery from External Hard Drive Mac

Mac is one of the operating systems that is based on graphical user interface developed by Apple Inc. After Windows, it is the largest operating system used all around the world. It provides some of the significant features likes allows the user to install different software of their choice, user-friendly in nature that helps to improve in understanding the services. The data present in the Mac system can be transferred using storage devices like USB flash drive, Thumb drive, external disk etc by facilitating USB ports. As the technologies started getting updated the versions of Mac with more advanced features were released. Some of them are Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks and so on.

One of the storage devices that is regularly used to store and retrieve data is an external disk on Mac operating system. The usage of external disks are increasing has it is speed is high, provides more memory space and reliable for a long time. It supports different file types like video, audio, photo, data files and can be used to preserve backup files. One more important thing is its portable nature, easy to transfer from one place to another. Many times, due to its transferable feature it tends to data loss issues. If you have experienced such issues be clam!!! Here is the best option called Remo Recover that can be used for data recovery from external drive Mac in a very less time.

The general scenarios for data loss in an external disk on Mac operating system are:

  • Unintentional deletion

The main purpose of external hard disk is to store and transfer data. So it will be having numerous files of different file formats, if in case the disk is full you tend to delete some of the unwanted files. There are chances of deleting the essential file instead of the older one that results in deletion.

  • Virus attack

If you want to transfer data from external hard drive to your system, both the devices should be connected to each other. If in case the system is infected from the virus, it gets transferred to the external hard drive that makes some of the files inaccessible.

  • Sudden power failure

During the process of data transfer from the external hard disk to the computer, if there is sudden power loss in the middle that makes the action incomplete. Even though hard disk independent, the computer is an electronic device which requires power whenever it is in use.

Whenever you come across any such situation, don’t panic and think whether is it possible to restore data from an external hard drive Mac or not. With the help of Remo Recover software, you can get back deleted or lost files from Mac hard drive in few simple steps.

Significant features of Remo Recover

Remo Recover is the best software to get back the lost data from external hard disk without any difficulties. The recovery algorithms help in the fast retrieval of lost data. It provides a simple user interface so the software can be installed and utilized by anyone. With the help of the features called Find tool its easy to locate the lost data from the huge list and Save Recovery Session avoids rescanning of the lost data again and again. The various versions of Mac operating system such as Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, and Mavericks can utilize the tool. The technical support will be available for 24*7 whenever the problem arises within no time it can be solved.


A Simple Tool to Fix Windows Cannot Open RAR File

If you have a RAR file on your Windows or you got an email with RAR file attached, and you are not able to open it, then this article will help clear up your issue – Windows cannot open RAR file.

Sometimes, even if you know how to open RAR archive on Windows, you may find little difficult to open it. Opening RAR files will be easy on Windows if you use a free tool called 7-Zip. Follow these steps to open RAR files…

  • Right-click the RAR file to be opened
  • Select 7-Zip and choose Extract files
  • In the pop-up box that shows up, choose the folder where you’d like to extract the compressed files and click “OK”

That is how you open RAR files on Windows for free. Did you find this useful? Or still facing Windows cannot open RAR file problem? If yes, then there are chances of RAR file corruption and you need to fix it through a professional repair tool called Hi5 RAR File Repair Software.

Here is the procedure to be followed to solve Windows cannot open RAR file issue with the guidance of Hi5 RAR File Repair Application.

Download and get the Hi5 RAR File Repair Software installed on your Windows system. Then with the help of “Browse” option, select corrupted RAR file. Select “Repair” button to fix selected RAR file. Software starts scanning and repairing process. Once the repair process is completed, you can view repaired RAR file using “Preview” option. Save repaired RAR file successfully on any desired location by clicking on “Save” option. Like this you can easily resolve the problem of RAR file not opening on Windows.

One thing you need to keep in mind is that Hi5 RAR File Repair Toolkit is available as free trial version also. At first, you can try out with this for fixing RAR files. And up on satisfying with the results, the licensed version can be purchased.

What are the reasons for RAR file corruption?

  • Header file damage
  • Virus infection on Windows system
  • CRC errors
  • Improper method to compress a RAR file
  • Disruptions during file transfer, and many more

Features of Hi5 RAR File Repair Program

Hi5 RAR File Repair Toolkit is the most desired software that is available to repair corrupted RAR file which got corrupted due to above causes and other unknown reasons, thereby solving the problem of Windows cannot open RAR file. It smoothly fixes .rar archive and hence helps you to recover contents present on it.  Some of the well-known features of this software are as follows:

  • It will assists you in repairing even large sized RAR file and also password protected RAR archive
  • This application allows you to preview the fixed files before saving them in a location that you prefer
  • It is 100% safe and secure software to fix RAR files which does not alter any content during RAR repair process
  • Easily supports all versions of RAR files as well as all the versions of Windows OS including Windows XP, 7, 8, 10, Vista, 2008, 2003 etc. in order to repair damaged RAR files
  • Designed with easy interface and completes the process of repairing RAR file within few minutes

Final words…

To avoid RAR file damage in future, you need to follow some tips. Never forgot to backup regularly all you important RAR files. And remember to use the right tool for compressing the file and use updated antivirus app on your computer.

Software to Restore Data from XQD Memory Card

Recover Deleted, Lost or Formatted Files from XQD Card

“Hey all! I recently purchased a 64GB XQD Memory Card, and was using it on my Nikon Coolpix Camera. After returning from my trip I had to copy flashed photos and recorded videos to my PC. When I connected my XQD card through a card reader; to my shock none of the files were present on my card. I’ve no idea how files were deleted. Can anyone suggest me a way to retrieve my photos and videos from XQD Card?”

It’s really bothering matter!

I can confirm one thing, photos which you lost would be so close to your heart and you can’t afford them losing it easily. That’s the reason you have done enough of research and finally landed to this page.

Yes, you’re right. At the end of this page you will be confident that your files are not lost anymore.

Memory Card Recovery is no more a burden. XQD Card, which is a memory card format commonly known as flash cards. This card provides large capacity to store data. Features high performance and that’s the reason it’s used in digital cameras, and professional camcorders. Honestly when you lose all such flashed high quality images, you would be frustrated. Well, now it’s the right time to know what are the reasons that can cause data loss and what is the need for restoring XQD card

  • Improper ejection of XQD card: Removing memory card during transfer of files to system may lead to deletion or loss of media files
  • Using camera under low battery conditions: There is no assurance for captured photos during low battery warning, since anytime camera can shut down
  • Accidental deletion: When you wanted to delete some un necessary photos, by mistake you may select “delete all” option
  • Virus infection: Severe intrusion of Trojans, malware and other harmful viruses may corrupt files easily and make file inaccessible
  • Unfortunate format of XQD card: While viewing pictures suddenly due to an internal error of camera, it may pop up asking to format memory card, by pressing a wrong button unfortunately deletes all files

You would have never assumed that this type of interruption will end up in such a risk. But what you all need now is a trustworthy tool called Hi5 Photo Recovery Tool for recovering data from XQD card.

How does Hi5 Photo Recovery Application work?

 The Hi5 Photo Recovery is designed in such a way that it will be used in almost all data loss situations and resolves your problem. It is capable of restoring deleted, formatted, and corrupted data. Data can be classified as music, movie, videos, pictures etc. Retrieving all missing files easily from Windows. It has been developed with most powerful techniques which gets back even when the files are deleted permanently.

Benefits of using this recovery utility:

  • Recover data from hard drive including other portable devices such as SD, SDHC, SDXC, Mini SD, MMC and other flash drives
  • Powerful mechanism of this software help to retrieve files easily with causing no pain to end user
  • Compatible with latest Windows Operating system including Windows 10
  • It performs a unique scan and restores files that other recovery software’s cannot do
  • Recovery steps are very easy and clean so that no additional assistance is required to use this software
  • Previews restored files after complete recovery process
  • Restores photos, videos and other multimedia files in user specified location

As I mentioned above this software will help you in recovering files instantaneously and it is also renowned as a genuine recovery application in the market.


Buy a reliable memory card which is in good condition, instead buying cheap products may lead to corruption within short span of life.

How to Fix Corrupt Video Files?

Video file plays an important role in every person’s life. A video file is nothing but a collection of audio, image and other data. Technically, the video file contains attributes that include the frame rate, pixel dimensions, audio channels and more. A video file comes with different file format according to their quality and size such as 3GP, XviD, AVI, MOV, MP4, MPEG and others. These video file formats acts as a multimedia container and uses their own compression technique to store audio and video data in it.

Nowadays, there are different electronic devices available in the market which is capable of recording videos like camcorders, mobile phones, digital camera, and many more. Users are getting more addicted towards these devices and make use of features to record the videos whenever they go for the trip along with friends or family. User may also download movies, video songs from the internet. All these video files are stored in the system, so that they can watch them whenever required. Sometimes, an unexpected thing happens with the video files. When user tries to watch the video file by using media players, but the media player refuses to play and shows an error message stating that this video file is corrupted.

In this situation, user does not understand what happens with video files and want to fix corrupt video files. In order to overcome from such painful situations, user can utilize most reliable third party tool like Video Repair Software and easily fix all video files related issue. This tool is built with simple user interface, which helps user to understand the steps for repairing the corrupted video files with ease.

Reasons of Video File Corruption:

  • If there is any interruption occurs at the time of downloading the video files from the internet such as slow internet, then there is a chance of video file damaging.
  • Any type of interruption while transferring video files from one device to another can lead to video file corruption.
  • If video file is saved in the bad sectors of the hard drives, then some information of video file gets damaged by which it may deny to play.
  • Viruses are the most common factors behind video file corruptions. If video file gets infected with these dangerous viruses, then it can cause to video file corruption.

Video Repair Software is developed by the professional experts by using a special repair algorithm. This tool allows user to fix corrupt video files that refuses to play in any media player like Windows Media Player, VLC Media Player. This easy to use app supports to fix corrupt video files which can be in any file format like MP4, 3GP, MOV, and AVI without any other difficulty. If user has any doubt, download free demo version and evaluate the procedure of repairing damaged files and it can only repair video files and displays it, but cannot save to your storage device. To save it, you have to purchase license version of Video Repair software.

Easy Guide on Repairing Corrupt QuickTime Movie File

Does QuickTime movie file is not playing or prompting an error on Windows system?

Do not worry… here’s an article to showcase the method for fixing movie file quickly…

Every individual might encounter the same issue at least once while playing video on your Windows. It would be a most distressing moment when you’re not able to play, either downloaded or recorded video. There are many possible reasons why QuickTime movie stops playing all of sudden, and displays vivid errors when accessed. Repairing corrupt QuickTime video with the help of Hi5 MOV File Repair is very easy.

First let’s see when the QuickTime movie file becomes inaccessible

Audio-Video Sync Error: This type of error occurs due to conversion of a movie file by using third party application, which may change the in-built frames of the audio- video file

Video Header Corruption: Header file corruption happens because of the modification in the file information such as name, size, date or extension. Sometimes files get corrupted due to severe virus attack during download of file from internet

Abrupt termination of QuickTime Media Player: QuickTime video may get crashed due to sudden termination of player

Loss of Internet Connectivity: Video will not download properly because of poor internet connection, and hence video might be unplayable

Now let’s proceed with Hi5 MOV File Repair Utility, which helps in fixing corrupt QuickTime movie files in a simplest way. This tool is extensively designed to repair corrupted or unplayable MOV file. No extra effort is needed to repair corrupted file since this application is developed with simple user interface. This would be a better choice to fix corrupt QuickTime movie file.

But you may think why to use only this tool for repairing corrupt QuickTime movie file?

Well, when you are very much concerned about video file then it’s a must that you have to rely upon a trustworthy tool. Hi5 MOV File Repair software fix corrupted videos, compression issues, read/ write errors. It will support different video codec as mpeg, mp4v, avc1 etc. Repaired video will run synchronously without any flaw.

Salient features of Hi5 MOV File Repair Software

Repair technique is very advanced and fixes even unplayable video with utmost ease. This application also supports external devices such as memory cards, camcorder, USB drives etc. By employing this software, you will be able to restore corrupted QuickTime movie file on any version of Windows including Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003/2008. Audio- Video sync issues can also be fixed easily. Repairs HD video file recorded by professional cameras.

Let’s see how to repair corrupt QuickTime movie file

Download and install Hi5 MOV Repair Utility and launch it on Windows. Now, in the next screen the application will prompt to select healthy and corrupted MOV file. After selecting the files click on Repair option. It will start analyzing the file and within couple of minutes, this tool will fix MOV file. Once after repairing, you can preview the details of MOV file which is provided with PREVIEW option. Save the MOV file on desired location. Now you can play your favorite video!


  • Don’t use any unreliable third party application to conversion of video to a different format

You will be provided with demo version of the software which is similar to licensed version with only one feature missing, i.e., SAVE option will be enabled only after successful purchase of paid version