Are you still finding difficulty in repairing your ZIPX file on Windows 8 system even after trying couple of solutions? The first thing we would like to tell you that your ZIPX files are not corrupted permanently. So even if you are experiencing issues in your ZIPX files; then you are not alone as these cases are very common now-a-days.  In order to fix your ZIPX file on Windows 8 PC, you just have to read this page and get the solution in few minutes.

Remo Repair ZIP: Tool for repairing broken ZIP files

Remo Repair ZIP utility performs scanning of your ZIP file and repair damaged ZIP archive with ease. It has been designed in such a way that it easily fixes large sized ZIP files beyond 4GB. With this application, it is possible to repair ZIP files even if they are stored on any storage media. It can even repair ZIP files which cannot be accessed because of CRC errors.

This program is safe to use as it fixes the issues associated to your ZIP file without damaging your existing ZIP archives file. Since it is the read-only tool, it easily fixes and extracts ZIP file contents without altering the original file.

After completion of repair process, there is a Preview Option from where you can view your files prior to data restoration. The repaired ZIP files can be easily stored into CD / DVD or any destination location which is accessible from host computer.

Remo Repair ZIP software is compatible with all latest versions of Windows operating system that includes Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.  Besides it also supports Windows Server 2003, Server 2008 and Server 2012.

Note: Demo Version allows you to repair your ZIP files but you cannot save your ZIP files. For saving your fixed ZIP files you have to purchase the licensed version

More about Remo Repair ZIP Tool

Interactive interface: With simple user interface and guidance provided at each step, makes it easier for installation as well as usage of software

Technical Support: The application is assisted by 24×7 technical help in order to solve queries associated with Remo Repair ZIP tool

Free Demo Version: Demo Version allows you to check the performance of the software with easy step solution on how to repair ZIPX file on Windows 8. These repaired files can be viewed further easily

Employing Remo ZIP Repair Tool for the following:

Bad Sectors: If you save your ZIP files on storage device which is having numerous bad sectors, then it may corrupt your ZIP file

Header Corruption: File header consists of all the important information including name, size, extension etc. This information is necessary for accessing your file, if it gets corrupted due to any reason then you are not able to access ZIP file

Incompatible Tool: Sometimes, you make use of some incompatible or unsupported tool to extract the files. It may cause corruption to your ZIP archives in future

Other causes: It may include bad sectors on hard disk are other causes which lead to ZIP archives inaccessible, sometimes archive is corrupt or damaged.

Follow these Safety Measures:

It is advisable to make use of reliable utility for extraction of your ZIP files

Maintain updated version of antivirus software in order to protect your ZIP files from external threats

Make sure that you don’t change file extension of ZIP archive to another unsupported file format