Real Time Scenarios

“I unknowingly deleted very important files from my 16GB removable drive. All my essential files are gone. Now how do I restore deleted files from removable media drives? Is it even possible to restore deleted data back on portable drives?

Please let me know how to recover deleted files from removable media disks?”

Data loss issues are quite common in case of removable media drives. Whereas, this post will provide the complete solution on recovering files deleted from portable media devices instantly without losing any data.

Two main things,

  • Stop using removable drive immediately
  • Avoid adding any new files into it

If you follow up these two concepts, then it will be very easy know how to recover deleted files from removable media devices in few simple steps.

Files deleted from portable drives won’t be available in Trash folder of Mac. Those files would be deleted permanently. But with the help of reliable and trusted tool called Hi5 Photo Recovery Software for Mac you will be able to retrieve deleted files from removable media disks.

Removable Media

Removable media devices can be any type of storage drives which can be used for storing all kind of media files into it and can attach to any Mac OS X computer and remove it anytime. Examples of removable media are – SD cards, Compact Flash cards, USB flash drives, pen drives, SDXC cards, etc. Sometimes it can also be portable smartphones or the digital cameras.


Benefit of using removable media drives is that – those can be carried very easily and everywhere. Data will be transferred from one system to other in less time. All types of files and folders can be stored and can also consider as a storage media for maintaining data backup.


While using removable drives, data loss problems are very common. Removable drives are very prone to corruption. In such cases, there is high chance of losing files it might be due to known or unknown deletion of files. Files may get deleted due to improper transfer, if the format operation goes wrong or if the media device is corrupted.

Now, let’s dive into deleted file recover from removable media drive process

First, connect your removable media drive and then start using Hi5 Photo Recovery Software for Mac, download and launch it on any version of Mac OS X machines (Sierra, Yosemite, El Capitan, Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Lion, Snow Leopard and Leopard). From the main screen choose ‘Deleted Photo Recovery’ option and go to next screen to select the externally connected portable drive and click on ‘Next’ option. Once the recovery process is completed you can click on ‘Tools’ option to save recovery process by selecting ‘Save Recovery Session’. View recovered files by clicking on ‘Preview’ option.

Benefits of using Hi5 Recovery Tool

  • Finishes recovery of all media files from removable drives instantly
  • Software can be downloaded on any version of Mac OS X machines
  • Supports recovery of deleted files from portable drives having FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 file systems
  • Tool is capable of recovering deleted or lost files, photos, movies, music, audio, videos, documents from all types of portable media drives
  • 24*7 technical support will be provided to all Hi5 products

Tips to avoid file deletion

  • Better to maintain copy of all essential files
  • Avoid using of removable media device after deleting files
  • Avert usage of unreliable file recovery tools