Missing Photo Recovery

“I have a huge collection of photos in my system since from my childhood. Couple of days back, when I was transferring all my valuable images from computer to external storage device there is a sudden power failure. Later I came to know most of the pictures while transferring from system to external storage device were missing from both the devices when I crossed checked. I have lost my school project data too. Is there any possible way to recover missing photos? Don’t get panic! If you have not overwritten on your computer or external storage device then there is high possibility of recovering your lost data.”

Let us discuss some of the other reasons that causes photo loss

  • Improper Transfer process – While transferring images from your computer to other external storage device, if you remove external device abruptly or without using Safe Removal Hardware option might leads to data loss
  • Unknowingly Formatting – At times, you might choose wrong drive comprising photos instead of unwanted one due to which complete data present in it gets erased
  • Corrupt Hard Drive – When storage media like hard drive where images are stored gets corrupted due to presence of bad sectors, improper termination of drive etc. will become inaccessible. Therefore, photos available in it also cannot be accessed
  • Other Reasons – Sudden power failure, abrupt system shut down, unreliable third party applications, file system corruption, operating system corruption, software malfunctioning are other causes for photo loss from Apple computer

Apart from above mentioned, there are plenty other reasons responsible for loss of pictures from your systems. Your one among them to face such situations, thinking what to do next, which software to utilize, how to recover images your computer? Here you find simple solution for your problem i.e. using Remo Recover software pictures can be restored in few simple mouse clicks.

How to retrieve lost photos from your computer?

As discussed above, using recovery software like Remo Recover missing photos from your computer can be restored effortlessly. It is non damaging read only tool which will not alter original file during scanning process  and also explains how can I retrieve lost photos easily. This software is designed with simple to understand interface which explains every step by giving simple description. Hence, non technical and new users can install it in ease. Overall, it is one of the reliable, secured, virus free utility for performing photo recovery on your systems.

  • Supports various file systems like HFS, HFS+, NTFS, NTFS5…
  • It has the ability to scan entire drive of your system in few minutes
  • Facilitates a feature called Find tool to locate required files from huge list
  • Compatible on all latest versions of both Windows and Mac operating systems

Preventive Measures to be taken –

  • Always keep backup of your important files in an external storage device
  • Do not remove the external storage device, while transferring files from device to system
  • Use reliable antivirus tool to prevent your data from deadly viruses
  • Avoid shutting down your system while transferring the files from device to system