How to Recover Deleted or Lost Files

It is human tendency to make mistakes, sometimes these small small things might lead to big issues and make you troublesome. One such major reason is accidental deletion or loss of data from your system. Let us take one of the common reason for data deletion from your computer. You have no space in your system for storing new data, so you plan to delete some of the older files from your computer. Unfortunately, while removing older files in hurry you have chosen some of the important files along with it which leads in data deletion. If the deleted files from your system are present in Recycle Bin, well and good. If not, how will you restore your permanently deleted data from your computer?

Windows Operating System which is main stream support for both Personal Computers and Laptops. The latest version is Windows 8.1. There are around 310+ file types which are supported by Windows Operating System. Windows NT consists of three types they are Windows, Windows Server, Windows Mobile and Windows PE. Windows Server which is mainly used for server side computers. Light version of Windows Operating System is Windows PE. Windows Mobile which is used for Smart phones.

If you lost your files through formatting, antivirus removal, virus attack, accidental deletion etc. To recover your deleted or corrupted files try using inexpensive Windows recovery software

What are the Possibilities responsible for the loss of files in windows?

  • Accidental Deletion: Sometimes it happens like when you want to perform some other operation like sending files, sorting files etc, you accidentally click on delete button in that case you may lose your files from your device
  • Sudden Power Failure: Whenever you performing operations like reading or writing files on your system, if in between the process if sudden power failure occurs then you may lose those files available in that system.
  • Virus Attack: Viruses can enter in your system with the files that are downloaded from the internet and they have the ability to multiply themselves. If any application like antivirus etc are infected with that virus then it get transferred to the system.

Apart from these formatting, file system corruption, malware infection, human failure, third part tools are common data loss reasons in your Windows system. To overcome from such problems use some recovery tool so that you can recover deleted or lost files.

File recovery software like Remo Recover will get deleted or missing data at the earliest. With the help of this software user can restore files in few simple steps. It scans the drive in minutes to retrieve files in Windows through scanning process. It recovers deleted, missing and lost files on Windows Personal Computers and Laptops.

Features of Remo Recover Windows –

This tool has the capability to restore files in windows using advanced algorithm techniques. It is Compatible with all the versions of Windows Operating System. It is also supported in Windows server Operating System such as Windows 2003, Windows 2008. This software is suited with file systems like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS 5 etc. It has the potential to recover files in Windows which gets deleted from Recycle Bin and shift deletion. It recovers files from all the file formats which include text and media formats. It is easy to recover files from hardware interface types such as SATA, ICSI, IDE, etc. The recovered files can be stored in external storage device as well as drive on your computer.

Safety Measures –

  • Regularly update your antivirus software to remove deadly viruses from your system
  • Be careful while emptying Recycle Bin
  • Always keep Backups of important files in your system or some other external storage devices
  • Do not use untrusted software for partitioning the system
  • It is necessary to defrag your hard drive at regular intervals