Undelete Files from SD Card on Mac OS X

What if you delete important files from SD card on Mac due to accidental key press of “Delete” button? No one wants to face this kind of tricky situation. Unfortunately, you may accidentally delete your precious files like video, music, etc., from your SD card on Mac.

When you delete any files from SD card, it will not be deleted permanently; it will be stored in the SD card. Only pointer to that particular file is destroyed and file is still present in memory area but in a hidden state. Hence, you can easily restore deleted files from SD card until you overwrite it with new files. By using recovery tool deleted files can be effortlessly retrieved from SD card on Mac, one such tool is Remo Photo Recovery Software for Mac.

Here there is an instance how data from SD card might get delete in your Mac operating system: You may connect SD card to your Mac system to manage or to transfer important files in it. In such cases, you may delete important file while deleting an unwanted file by mistake. Here, the deleted files will not enter into the Trash and will be deleted directly from the system. Other instance is when you delete any important file from SD card accidentally and if you do not have back up, you cannot restore it from Trash. Do not worry in all such instances or in any other instance Remo Photo Recovery tool restores all deleted files within few minutes.

Remo Photo Recovery Software- An efficient tool to recover deleted files on SD card from Mac operating system:

Rigors Scanning: Just by selecting “Recover Deleted Photos” option, you can easily recover deleted files from SD card. Here the tool effectively scans the memory card and restores all deleted files within few minutes.

Easy Selection: The application provides you the flexibility of selecting the particular type of file you wish to recover by using “Select File Type” option instead of recovering all types of files.

Systematic Arrangement: After recovery process, you can sort recovered files in a systematic way based on its file name, file size and file extension. This helps you in turn to find the specific type of recovered file using “Find” option and even the name of the original file will not be altered after recovery process.

Friendly User Interface: The application is enriched with friendly user interface and gives you every instruction in an easy way, which helps you to retrieve deleted files from SD card Mac easily.

Save Recovered Files in Any Location: You can easily save the restored files in any location on Mac operating system and also you can store it any accessible devices like compact disk, digital videodisk, pen drives, etc.

Additional features of Remo Mac Recovery software:

  • Lost or missing files from Mac operating system can be easily retrieved
  • It recovers files from all types of SD cards like MiniSD, MicroSD, Mini SDHC, SDXC and many other types.
  • The tool supports recovery of files from other memory cards like XD, MMC, memory sticks, CF cards and other USB flash cards easily
  • It has the ability to recover files from all popular brands like SanDisk, Transcend, Sony, Kingston, Lexar and many other brands
  • Also, it recovers different types of RAW image file formats within few minutes