How to Recover Deleted Folder

After clearing unwanted files from desktop, did you realize that even your important folder that contained crucial files got deleted? Are you worried for what you did? Stop worrying; when you delete a folder from your system, it enters into Recycle Bin and you can easily restore it whenever it is necessary. What if you empty Recycle Bin before restoring deleted folder? There is solution for an every issue that is Remo Recover Software. This tool comes in handy and recovers all folders that are deleted from your system.

Not only from desktop, the software even supports recovery of folders from all other devices like memory cards(XD, SD, MMC, Memory sticks, etc ) pen drives, external hard drives (SATA, SCSI,IDE, etc) etc.

Important Features of Remo File Recovery Software:

  • The tool scans the entire drive rapidly and recovers all deleted folders within few minutes
  • It recovers more than 300 types of files like image, audio, video, ZIP files, RAR files, Office files, and many more on the basis of their unique signature
  • Recovers folders and files from various file systems like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, exFAT, HFSX, HFS+, etc.
  • Helps to get back your files from RAID0, RAID1 and RAID5 arrays
  • Supports folder recovery from all the versions of Windows operating system including Windows 10.

Remo Recover application even provides the flexibility of selecting the type of file you wish to recover just by clicking “Select File Type” option. In order to make your search easy the software sorts out the recovered files on the basis of its name, size and extension of the original file. Also, you can easily locate the specific file after recovery by using “Find” option and the original file name will not be altered even after recovery process.

You can also make use of Save Recovery Session option to resume scanning process in order to avoid re scanning of entire drive. After recovery, you can view recovered file using File Type View option or Data View option. (File Type View option helps to view recovered files on the basis of file extension; Data View helps you to view recovered files in hierarchical format).

Let us see few reasons behind deletion of folders other than emptying Recycle Bin:

Recycle Bin bypass folders: The folders bypass Recycle Bin when their size exceeds and you cannot restore them to your system from Recycle Bin folder

Folders Deleted from Command Prompt: If you delete any folders from Windows command prompt it does not enter into Recycle Bin and will be deleted from your system

Deletion of folders by third party tool: In some case, the third party applications like Antivirus software, which is used to protect your computer, may also delete the folder. It may delete the folder without giving warning if it detects any virus inside the folder.

Other causes for folder loss:

  • Interruptions caused during folder transfer from system to any other device like abrupt ejection of external device from system etc.
  • Improper usage of cut pate command
  • Inadvertently formatting/reformatting a drive may also leads to loss of folders

No matter how you lose or delete folder, Remo Recover software readily supports folder recovery from any device in simple steps.