Data Recovery from Hard Drive of Dead PC

Nowadays computers are used to store numerous files that helps to run a million dollar business by many people. Along with utilizing its benefits, it is also important to recognize issues related with computer and get an idea on data recovery. Computer hard drive stores all files and folders. Once this hard drive goes dead then you will be unable to find any of the files which were stored in it.

If you have a backup of needed files on other storage drive then it will be easy to restore. But if you fail to have a backup facility then it is necessary to find a suitable solution to recovering data from hard drive of a dead PC. Well, in this post you get an ultimate solution on recovery of files from hard drive of a dead PC by following simple steps.

Software to recover data from hard drive of a dead PC:

Hi5 Software Partition Recovery is one of the most relevant tool that can be applied to recover files from hard drive of a dead Computer. This utility is designed with well advanced scanning algorithm. Also it works on only read only methodology, hence your original files remains unchanged while recovering files from hard drive of a dead PC. Hi5 Software Partition Recovery has easy user interface, even a novice can restore files from hard drive of a dead PC without facing any difficulty.

Reasons behind dead hard drive of a Computer:

  • Ageing of computer hard drive with the time is one of the common problem that result in dead hard drive.
  • Presence of numerous bad sectors on system hard drive makes the files inaccessible. If this bad sector occurs where OS files are stored then it leads to hard drive crash issue.
  • Improper system termination also causes dead hard drive.

Numerous other reasons can be found which is responsible for data loss from dead hard drive. On using SFWare Partition Recovery Program, you can easily restore those files from dead hard drive of a computer in few minutes.

More about SFWare Partition Recovery Tool:

  • SFWare Partition Recovery Tool has unique feature called signature search. In case if you fail to find files that are deleted from your PC then you can recover it using unique signature of that file.
  • Sometimes you might find inaccessibility of data from system hard drive due to presence of many bad sectors. On such situation you can utilize this application to recover those files by creating disk images.
  • You can easily retrieve files from various files system such as FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, etc.
  • Performs an automatic scan for recovering files from dead, crashed, raw, frozen, bad or inaccessible hard drive.
  • Can recover files from SATA, ATA, PATA, SCSI and IDE hard drive irrespective of the reason.
  • Empowers users to achieve fastest file recovery from FAT, NTFS, ExFAT, NTFS5, HFSX hard drive partitions on all major versions of Windows OS like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and 2008.