RM File Recovery

At times, you may come across situations where you may end up by RM files due to various reasons. Thinking how to get back those files? As soon as you come up with data loss scenarios, check whether you have additional backup of.rm files in any other storage device. If yes then you can easily restore it else don’t worry; you are at the right place. Here you are provided with simple steps to recover real media files. Read on to know more…

What happens when .rm file is deleted / lost?

When Real Media file is deleted or lost, you might conclude that the files are lost permanently and it is not possible to restore them. But, the actual truth is the data still remains in the drive but in a hidden place and only address pointers of the RM files will be removed from file allocation table. Hence, you cannot access the files present on the drive. Hence, in order to overcome such situations, you can get back RM files with the help of Remo Recover software.

Simple solution to retrieve Real Media files

With Remo Recover software, it is easy to perform RM file recovery in a secure manner. The tool comes with advanced scanning algorithms which deeply scans your entire drive to recover .rm files in quick manner without modifying the original content.  Apart from Real Media file recovery, this software is capable to restore other file types such as audio files, video files, documents, ZIP archives, spread sheets, etc. The application even supports recovery of files on various storage devices like hard drive, flash memory card, USB pen drives and so on. The recovered files can be previewed before saving them to particular destination. Also, free trail version is provided so that you can evaluate the recovery results and later obtain license key.

Tips to remember before and after recovery

  • Once you come across data loss then don’t save any new file in that place
  • After recovery, don’t save recovered files on the same place where you lost it

Other features of Remo Recover software:

  • Sorts recovered files: The restored files can be sorted on the basis of file size, file type, name and date
  • Find: In case, if you are not aware of exact location of a file then make use of this feature to locate particular file from the recovered list of files
  • Save Recovery Session: This feature ensures that you need not to rescan your drive to locate lost data
  • Storage: To save disk space, recovered data can be compressed to a ZIP format and stored on any accessible device like CD, DVD, hard drive etc.
  • Technical Assistance: If you come across any issues while downloading or installing the tool contact support team which is available round the clock

Data loss scenarios where Remo Recover tool can be used are:

Accidental Deletion:

While deleting some unwanted files from your PC you may accidentally delete important files and thus resulting in data loss


While transferring files from storage media to system or vice versa, if any interruption occurs then it leads to data loss


You might accidentally format your drive containing valuable files due to some reason which results in data loss. In other scenario, you may format your drive in order to get rid of some format errors like “Disk drive is not formatted, Do you want to format it now?” Thus, it results in loss of files.

Other Reasons:

  • Deletion of files using shift + delete keys combination
  • Erasing files using Command Prompt
  • Errors that occur during file system conversion leading to data loss