How to Restore Missing Partition Data

Overview of partitioning and solution on how to recover lost partition

When you create multiple partitions on a hard drive, it becomes easier to manage different types of files. But it may happen that data loss could likely to happen without any notifications which in turn result into loss of crucial files.  Whenever, a partition goes on missing from your hard drive, you won’t be able to restore your data form that partition. Sometimes, there can be corruption to MBR which results into loss of data from partition since the information related to MBR is present in MBR can also be lost. If in case you utilize some unreliable tools for creating and resizing partitions then there are chances of data loss.

Apart from this, you would find it more difficult if you have no backup copy. Well, it is now easier to get back your files even from the lost partition with the proper assistance of Remo Partition Recovery software.

In what way Remo Recover software recovers data

Remo Recover is having in-built algorithms that perform deep scanning of your hard drive thus helps in retrieving files even from lost partition in an effective way. It has the ability to get back all your data from partitions that are inaccessible due to partitioning errors. It is also capable of performing recovery of data from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, exFAT partitions / drives. Besides, this tool even supports data recovery from SATA /SCSI/ IDE hard drives, flash memory cards, USB dives, FireWire Drives, iPods.

Another important feature supported by this utility is that it creates disk images in order to bypass bad sectors. Later, data is recovered from these disk images along with retrieving lost partition. The recovered images can be viewed with the help of Preview option prior to data restoration. The application will identify all the important file types on the basis of their unique signatures.  Thereafter, these recovered files can be sorted on the basis of name, date, size, and file type. It also facilitates the option to find files from the recovered data on the basis of date, creation date, and extension, size as well as file name. Besides, files that are deleted from Recycle Bin or using shift delete command prompt can also be recovered.

Remo Recover software is used for recovering lost partition by providing  

Save Recovery Session: With the help of save recovery session you can avoid re-scanning time of your entire drive

Technical Support: 24×7 technical assistance is used for handling user queries for recovering lost partition in few clicks

Software Interface: The user friendly interface of software helps in proper installation of as well as the usage of the software

Demo Version: With the help of Demo Version users can understand the working and performance of the software before purchasing the licensed version

Precautionary measures that should be taken to avoid loss of data from partition in future

  • It is recommended to keep backup copy of your crucial files
  • While performing partitions during OS reinstallation make sure that you are selecting the right one or not
  • Avoid unreliable tool for partitioning or resizing as it might result in deletion of partition

Let us understand other situations which are responsible for making your files missing from partition:

  • There are errors caused due to reinstallation of OS, boot sector, MBR corruption which results in bad partition on your hard drive
  • There can be virus threats that can damage your hard drive partition thus making partition inaccessible
  • Sometimes, incorrect method of repartitioning or creation of new partition can also leads to loss of files which further makes the partition not accessible