Facebook Messenger’s New Trulia bot to Browse Rentable Apartments

Facebook Messenger offers an instant apartment searches through a partnership with the online real estate site named Trulia. With the help of this Trulia bot you can quickly find the rentals by messaging the Trulia bot just like you would any other friend. Now you can find an apartment or house to rent using Trulia’s new Facebook Messenger bot.

Even though the company might be familiar for listing property for sale, Trulia bot also handles rentals. Browsing renstable apartments through New Trulia is easy, just you have to tell the bot where you want to live, your limited price range and the square footage which you are searching for, then it shares the most recent search results that fits that criteria. Also if you want a daily updates then you can get the top 10 most recent search results every day. Read this article and get complete guideline about Facebook Messenger’s new Trulia bot to browse rentable apartments.

You can view each listing in a web browser or as a summary in the Messenger along with the details that includes the rental address, price, number of rooms, photo gallery and number of beds. And also you can also access many details with an email subscription. And these things get more exciting when you start asking Trulia bot queries about the characteristics of the neighborhood nearby a property. With the help of this Trulia app, you also get a quick summary in the Messenger. It gives you Trulia’s Local Information for the listing that provides rime information nearby local homes, lifestyle information about your neighborhood and marital status and also the number of houses in the area which are occupied by owners or renters.

New Trulia bot is developed to assist you in finding new places to stay quickly and it works from the commands like “for rent in Washington” and lets you to distill results based on the features where you are looking for with commands like  “three  bed, three bath for rent in Bothell.” New Trulia bot immediately return ten of the newest listings which reaches your criteria and lets you to subscribe for a daily ‘top ten’ of rentals in a particular are based on previous search criteria sent to you each morning. Therefore Trulia Facebook Messenger bot comforts often full of hassles task of discovering rental apartments. This actually helps users to find their rentable apartments with ease.