Hi5 File Recovery Software will help you recover data from any deletion or loss cases. This tool is specially designed to retrieve data from all Windows Operating system having different versions of Windows OS (Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Windows XP, Server 2012, 2008 and Server 2003). Recover entire drive data along with the folder structure in a short interval of time.

Bring back data from damaged, formatted/reformatted or corrupted hard disk with different hard drive interfaces such as SCSI, SATA, IDE and ATA having FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and EXFAT file system. This software recovers it all in a couple of easy steps. Causes for loss of data are:

  • Improper installation of OS without taking the proper data backup
  • Human error like, deleting data intentionally while removing unwanted files
  • Formatting hard disk unnecessarily again and again
  • If the computer/laptop is virus infected then there are high changes that file may go missing or permanently deleted from Windows

There can be many other reasons like crashing of OS, hard drive failure all these may become responsible for losing data from your Windows machine. But recovery is quite possible regardless of any causes by using Hi5 Data Recovery Utility. This is one of the most recommended Windows Data Recovery Software which performs recovery of files at its best!

Benefits of using Hi5 File Recovery App:

Easily sort your files

Recovered data from Windows system can be sorted easily either by using “File Type View” or “Data Type View”. Data can be categorized on the basis of created data, file type, file name, size and file extension on your desired storage drive.

Preview file before saving

Recovered data can be viewed using “Preview” option before you store the retrieved Windows data.

Use any Storage Drive

Recovered Windows data can be stored on any of the storage devices but except in the same location from where you lost or deleted files.

All you need to do is

Download Hi5 File Recovery Application on any version of Windows computer and completed the installation steps. Start the recovery wizard, on the first screen you will get three main option saying “Recover Files”, “Recover Photos” and “Recover Drives”. You need to click on “Recover Files” option, it will take you to next window, then select either “Deleted File Recovery” or “Lost File Recovery” option according to the situation you’re facing. And then click on “Next” option to start the recovery process, it will take some times based of the data need to be recovered. After sometime you will be able to see the deleted or missing Windows data, check files using “Preview” option and by clicking on “Save” option in order to store retrieved data anywhere on you host computer.

Using Hi5 File Recovery Program recover everything in minutes. Tool supports recovery of movies, images, videos, text files, documents, archives, apps, and many other data stored in your Windows hard disk in a few simple steps!

Demo version of this tool will be provided which can be downloaded for free. In order to save retrieved data you will have to buy the licensed version of Hi5 Data Recovery Tool. 24*7 technical help will be provided to all Hi5 Software product users, feel free to contact us anytime and get answers to your queries.

Tips to prevent data loss

  • Regularly scan your system for any virus infection to avoid data loss
  • Check twice before removing or deleting any data from your system/laptop
  • Do not use faulty recovery tools
  • Avoid adding new data to the same disk after losing files