Have you deleted videos from Recycle Bin? Worried how to restore videos deleted from Recycle Bin? If so, go through this page which provides you complete guidance on deleted video recovery on all Windows based systems.

It happened to most of us! When you delete a video file from your computer, it moves to Recycle Bin and stay there temporarily until it gets deleted. In order to get back deleted videos from Recycle Bin, you just need double click the Recycle Bin icon on the desktop and select your target files then right click and choose “Restore” option. Then your deleted video file goes back to its original location with the contents, date and time etc. But, what if you have deleted those videos from Recycle Bin?

Usually, when you select a file present in Recycle Bin to delete, you will get pop up message stating “Are you sure you want to permanently delete this file?”  In case, if you mistakenly click on “Yes” option then all the files stored on Recycle Bin gets deleted.

What happens if video files are deleted from Recycle Bin?

When files are deleted from Recycle Bin, you might come to conclusion that they are lost permanently. But, the files are not removed from your computer yet; only the address pointer of that folder will removed from the file system. Hence, the OS marks that place as empty and makes free space for storing new data. So in order to restore deleted videos from Recycle Bin, it’s important to avoid storing new files to your computer.

How to undelete videos on Recycle Bin?

When you accidentally delete important videos from Recycle Bin, check whether you have maintained backup. If backup is present then you can easily restore files, but in case of no backup then you restore them by using Remo File Recovery Software. This utility helps in retrieving deleted videos from Recycle Bin irrespective of any data loss situations.

Undelete videos from Recycle Bin using Remo File Recovery tool

Remo Recovery tool retrieves deleted videos from Recycle Bin by scanning the entire drive and locating files that have become unavailable due to their missing entry in the file table. The user friendly interface of this tool provides assistance on how to restore deleted video files from Recycle Bin with ease. Since it is a read-only tool it recovers videos safely from Recycle Bin without damaging any of the files. Not just videos, this application even retrieves ZIP file, spreadsheet, audio file, documents, etc. quickly. Besides, the retrieved data can be previewed using the Preview option provided by the software and saved on any storage medium. Also, this software works on all latest versions of Windows OS such as Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and other versions apart from Windows 8 and 8.1.

  • You can utilize this software to undelete files that are lost after cut-paste operation, or if files bypass Recycle Bin.
  • This application has the ability to identify and recover up to 127 types of files, based on their unique signatures.
  • Even restores data from SD Card, CF Card, XD Card, external or internal hard drives, USB drives, and iPods, flash drives, etc.
  • Tool is read-only and non-destructive, so your original files are preserved after recovery
  • Can get back files from different file systems like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, exFAT etc.
  • It is possible to resume recovery session, by making use of Save Recovery Session option, so that you can avoid re-scanning and resume recovery process at any time
  • You can view recovered data on the basis of file extension by making use of File Type View option and to display recovered files in hierarchical view use Data View option

Other instances where Remo File Recovery Software can be used:

  • The size limit of Recycle Bin is fixed for storing files. In case, if a deleted file exceeds the Recycle Bin size limit, then they will not be moved to the Recycle Bin on deletion, instead they bypass the Recycle Bin
  • When you delete data using command prompt, then deleted data will bypass Recycle Bin. In such instance, it is not possible to recover permanently deleted files without employing recovery software
  • When you use “Shift +Delete” command, to remove files, then the files bypass the Recycle Bin

Some precautionary steps to overcome loss of files in future

  • Maintain updated backup copy of vital files
  • Don’t use shift + delete or command prompt to delete files from your system
  • Before emptying Recycle Bin, check twice if it contains valuable files