How to Fix PPTX File

Are you unable to access PPTX files due to error message when you try to open it? Looking for a solution to fix .pptx file? This page provides you a solution to repair PPTX files. Go through this page to know more about PPTX file repair.

Whenever you come across issues with PowerPoint application while editing or creating PPTX file, then PPTX file may get corrupt. Some of the common behaviors exhibited by PPTX files that indicates corruption are as below:

  • Objects do not appear where they are positioned on the slide
  • Objects or text overlap
  • Animations do not work as expected (objects appear out of place or do not appear at all)

Or sometime, you may also get error messages which restrict you to open PPTX file such as

  • “PowerPoint cannot open the type of file represented by filename.pptx”.
  • “This is not a PowerPoint Presentation”
  • “File is corrupted or damaged”.
  • “PowerPoint was unable to display some of the text, images, or objects on slides in the file.”

These error messages are the clear indication of PPTX file corruption. When you come across above situations, fix PPTX files as quick as possible because the sub files linked with the Presentation like macros, images, and so on may also get corrupted. Also, you may encounter unexpected behavior in your presentations other than the items listed above. This is the reason for your PPTX file refusing to open as it is broken / corrupt. Before knowing how to fix this issue, let us know what causes PPTX file corruption. Here are some of the reasons that result in the corruption of PPTX file:

Incompatibility issues: If updated version is not compatible with the latest updated version of MS Office which you are currently using then it may affect the PPTX files and leaves them completely broken making them unreadable or inaccessible.

Header Corruption: In case, if the header file gets corrupt then these data might be missing resulting in inaccessible of .pptx files.

Faulty Application: Faulty applications usually generate damaged .pptx files. In case, if there are some issues with your tool for creating or modifying files then it may corrupt PPTX files.

Other Scenarios: Sometimes, while downloading PPTX files from the internet, if any interruptions occur then it results in corruption of PPTX files or  if you use unsecured tools for recovering lost PPT file then there is more chance of PPTX file corruption.

If your PPTX files are corrupted and its information is inaccessible, you need not run around searching for help to fix them. To repair such damaged or corrupt PPTX files a powerful mechanism is required. With Remo PowerPoint Repair tool fixing PPTX files is quick and easy. It’s built in repair algorithms helps to repair corrupted PowerPoint presentation in no time.

Remo Repair PowerPoint- To fix PPTX files

Remo Repair PowerPoint tool fixes PPTX files in a secure way by creating copy of corrupt PPTX file and makes sure that original files are kept intact. While repairing PPT file, this nondestructive read only application will not alter your initial file, it just creates replica of initial file. Thus all your original files are kept in intact. Besides, this application helps in fixing PPT, PPS files also.

The simple and illustrative interface of this tool gives you clear instruction and procedural guidance while repairing PowerPoint file. Hence, even novice users can easily make use of this tool for fixing PPTX file. It comes with “Preview” option which helps you to view repaired PowerPoint files from the list before saving it to any desired location. With the help of demo version, you can easily understand the working procedure and evaluate the performance of this tool. For saving repaired file, you have to make use of paid version of this tool. In case of any queries related to product, you can contact support team to clarify your doubts.

Supported Windows OS: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, and Windows Vista

Tips to remember:

  • Maintain backup of important PPT files and store them on any external storage device so that when files get corrupt, you can restore them
  • While terminating PowerPoint application, close all the opened PPT files.
  • While PowerPoint files are being transferred, do not abruptly close the program or eject your secondary storage device from the system as this may corrupt your PPT files

Fixing Corrupt MOV Video Files

MOV file is a multimedia container file format that supports audio and video stream. MOV Video file uses proprietary compression algorithm developed by Apple that is compatible with both MAC and Windows platforms.

“Hi, I had MOV file saved on my laptop. But few days back due to some obscure reason it suddenly got corrupted, since then I am not able to access that .mov video. When I tried to play that video on my laptop, it refused. I want to repair my corrupt MOV file, so is there any way to fix this issue?”

So if you too are encountering the same problem then here is the solution to overcome. Powerful tool called Hi5 MOV Video Repair Tool effectively repairs the corrupted .mov file by using its latest repairing mechanism. Software scans entire drive and repairs it in few seconds without altering or damaging the content of your source file. But before that let’s have a look at the causes for the corruption of mov video

Causes for MOV file corruption:

  • Virus Infection: downloading video from unknown server gets virus to your MOV files that corrupts and make it unplayable
  • Power Issue: constant power failure while transferring some mov videos from system to external drive
  • Header Corruption: corruption of header due to virus or improper handling of MOV files corrupts your video and makes it unplayable
  • Bad Sectors: if your MOV video is stored in the location that contains bad sectors then there are chances of corruption of your MOV videos

Other causes like file conversion from .mov format to other, corruption of storage device, improper video download,

Features of Hi5 MOV Repair Video Software

  • The advanced algorithm lets you repair MOV video in easier and faster way regardless of corruption or damage reasons
  • User friendly graphcial interface, which helps even novoice to utilize this tool very easily to repair corrupt mov video in a short interval of time
  • Software repairs your MOV files without modifying or damaging the content of your source file
  • Securely fixes audio video streams and then adjoins the file
  • Healthy working .mov file will be given back once the repairing process is completed
  • You can preview the repaired video before saving
  • Users can even use this utility to fix and repair corrupt/damaged or broken .mov video files stored in external storage drives such as memory cards, external hard drives, flash cards, cameras, and many more
  • Also help you fix MP4 format audio video files very easily

Safety measures to prevent corruption of MOV files

  • Avoid playing mov videos in an unsupported media player
  • It’s always best practice to create backup of your favorite MOV files in some external storage devices
  • Install antivirus software and regularly scan your machine to prevent virus attack
  • Always download the video file completely as partial download may result in corruption of your .mov videos

Recover Deleted Word Document

Unfortunately, have you deleted important document files due to some reason? Then go through this page to know about document file recovery in simple steps.

Sometimes, while deleting some unwanted files, you may unfortunately delete important document files without any backup. There are various reasons for the deletion of Word documents. Some of the common ones are as below:

Accidental deletion: Sometimes, while erasing some unwanted Word files, you may mistakenly delete some important documents and empty the Recycle Bin resulting in data loss

Shift Deleting files: Certain times, you want files to bypass Recycle Bin so you might make use of Shift+ delete key combination to delete files. While doing so, if you mistakenly delete some important Word files then it leads to data loss

Not just this, there could be various other reasons that results in loss of document file. In such situation, you may wonder, is it possible to get back Word files? Yes! Nevertheless of any reason, you can restore deleted Word files with the help of Remo File Recovery tool.

Restore Word Files using Remo File Recovery tool:

Remo File Recovery software is designed to restore Word files in few clicks. The most notable feature of this tool is its user friendly interface which helps even novice users to recover deleted Word documents without any difficulty.  Along with deleted Word file recovery, this tool is capable of restoring lost / corrupted documents from hard drives, flash memory cards, thumb drives, iPods, and so on. The advanced scanning algorithm of this tool scans the entire drive and helps in retrieving files easily.

Moreover, this application supports retrieval of files from file systems such as FAT16, FAT32, exFAT, HFSX, HFS+, NTFS, NTFS5, and so on.  Besides, you can even restore files from RAID0, RAID1 and RAID5 partitions with the help of this utility. It also allows users to preview the recovered data prior to restoring it with the help of “Preview” option. Also, “Save Recovery Session” feature of this software prevents duplication of work, so that you can use this option to avoid re-scanning of the drive to recover folders.

Other scenarios that results in loss of Word files

  • Emptying Recycle Bin without checking files in it
  • Interruptions that occurs while moving  Word files from system to external storage device or vice versa leads to data loss
  • Sometimes, you might format the drive comprising document files instead of other drive
  • Improper usage of Cut and Paste method while moving files to other drives
  • Improper closing of system while Word file is opened
  • Third party applications like antivirus software may also delete files without prior warning

Tips to prevent loss of Word files:

  • Maintain backup of important Word files so that you can restore it during unpredicted data loss instances
  • Avoid using Shift Delete combination keys to delete files as it will bypass Recycle Bin
  • Cross check files before emptying Recycle Bin folder
  • Avoid interruptions while moving files from one storage drive to other

Why Remo File Recovery tool?

  • Lets you to restore files that bypasses Windows Recycle Bin when they exceed in size compared to the Recycle Bin
  • Assist in arranging the recovering files on the basis of file name, type, size and data of modification
  • With Find option you can locate particular file from the recovered list
  • The recovered data can be saved to any accessible storage device such as hard drives, CD/ DVD, flash memory cards, etc.
  • To save disk space, the recovered files / folders can be compressed in a ZIP archive
  • With File type view, you can view the restored data on the basis of file extension
  • Data View provides the hierarchical view of files and folders similar to Windows explorer
  • Supports Windows OS such as Windows 10, windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7 and so on