MS Word File Repair Tool to Repair Corrupted or Damaged Word Files

Word file is an attribute of Microsoft Office.  It is widely used to prepare assignments, reports and presentations. You can get stuff done with or without an internet connection. To know more about this refer the link: Although MS Word consists of several advantages yet files get corrupted or damaged due to certain reasons. Some of the common reasons for corruption of Word files are virus attack, file system corruption, improper installation of application, etc. In such case, third party tool can used to repair document file.

Word File Repair Tool is one of the powerful application helpful in repairing Word files of different versions. This tool can easily repair document file from different versions such as 2007, 2010, 2013, 2000 and 2003. You can use this software to fix Word file from hard drives, memory card, USB drive, SD card, SDXC card, external hard drive, etc. It is an incredible software with outstanding graphical interface so that any user can repair Word file without any issues. The user is free to download this application from website and then repair the corrupted and damaged document file.

Reasons for corruption or damage of Word Files

  1. Error while round tipping
  2. Header file corruption
  3. Document file can’t be read
  4. Errors created by disabling macros
  5. Unrecognizable file format
  6. Error in downloading word document
  7. Word file crashed while toolbar created
  8. Issue in servers or file format issue in Word file Improper termination of Word application due to system boot

Above mentioned scenarios can be resolved by using above mentioned scenarios. This application can implemented under all the above mentioned scenarios without any issues. Just download this software for your system and then launch the application to repair damaged or corrupted Word file easily.

Features of Word File Repair Tool

  1. With the use of this software user is able to repair number of Word files in a single attempt.
  2. This software is compatible with all Windows operating system, Microsoft Outlook version and the Word file format.
  3. Using this software, you are capable in extracting data from the corrupted Word file with the properties of the file.
  4. You can eradicate the bugs from the file and then fix Word file with few clicks of mouse.
  5. The software is capable in handling files at any cost. Once the Word is repaired then you can save the file either on internal or external storage device.

Steps to Repair Word Document File

  1. First download this application on your laptop or PC. Then launch this application to repair damaged or corrupted Word file.
  2. Browse the drive from which you want to repair Word document. Then press next button. Once you press next button, you have lists of repaired files.
  3. You can preview the repaired Word file using this fixer tool. If you are satisfied with the Word File Repair Tool then you can purchase this application.

Toshiba, Fujitsu, Vaio Set to Scrap PC Merger Plans

The proposed merger between Fujitsu, Toshiba, and Vaio Corp., seen as a way for these smaller PC players to take on larger rivals like HP Inc. and Dell is apparently collapsing.

According to the Wall Street Journal report the talks between the three companies were breaking down and that Japan Industrial Partners (JIP) Inc., which owns a controlling stake in Vaio had already walked away. Also, the Journal points out that the combined 2015 market share of all three companies which is less than 6.5 %  which falls below Apple’s 7.1 % of worldwide market share.

If the talks falls through then it possible for the companies to go to their separate ways which is an increasingly risky proposition as the PC industry continues its downward slide.

Also, JIP CEO Hidemi Moue publicly talked up the three-way deal as late as February. He also said, “The PC market is shrinking, which means there are merits in working together to make the most of research, marketing channels, production volumes” Moue told Bloomberg.

Concurrently, Mouse spoke about the possibility of moving beyond PSs into Smartphones and forecasted that the deal would be achieved by the end of March. With Vaio combine forces, unless the two can find a particular niche to exploit. For instance, Panasonic has fallen by the wayside as per overall PC unit sales are concerned, but the company has refocused itself on its Toughbook ruggedized PCs.

Yet, the discussions of a three-way merger began last fall when Japan’s Nikkei financial paper reported that the three companies were thinking of combining their notebook business with each receiving a relatively equal stake in equity.

Verdict: However, the most important number in all of this isn’t the relative market share of HP, Dell, Toshiba or any of the PC player. It’s the “others” category, the catchall for the smaller players that don’t make the top five. In second quarter of 2014, the “others” category sold 26.6 million PCs, worth 35.0 percent of the market under double that of the leading vendor, Lenovo. Now it’s down to 21.8 million PCs, and 33.6 percent. If the PC market continues to shrink, chances are the big players will become bigger and the smaller vendors may fade away.

Google launches Voice Access App in beta- To control your Phone with your Voice

Google has launched a beta version of its hands-free Voice Access service which lets users to control their phone from anywhere on the device unlike other accessibility apps. Also, with this app you can be even navigate through the contents of a phone, using phrases such as “open Chrome” or “go home”. Even Google has recently posted in a blog on how relevant it felt this app will be for its users.

In addition, Google has recently launched Voice Access Beta,an app to control their Android devices by voice. This allows people who have difficulty in manipulating a touchscreen due to tremor, paralysis, temporary injury or due to any other reasons.

It is also possible to assign numbers to commands which can be used to open an app such as YouTube or type specific letters of alphabet. Even though the app is aimed at creating easy to use interface for those with disabilities, its features could be used for those who simply seek convenience.

To use this app, users must sign up for Google’s testing program although Google is no longer accepting more users for the beta phase. Also, Accessibility Scanner  has been released by Google which aims developers in enhancing their apps accessibility. Also, the tool recommends developers to use larger text sizes and create apps with contrasting backgrounds and text colors.


Deleted MP4 Video Recovery Software

Deleted some of your important MP4 video files accidentally from your system? Did not find those files even in Recycle Bin or Trash? Now, you want to know how to recover them back from your system? Don’t worry!!! Here is a solution for your problem….

You are found of visiting various places around the world. Likewise, in your last vacation you had been to a long trip with family and friends, where you have recorded some adventurous video clips that was about 30 minutes all in MP4 file format. In order to preserve those videos for long time you have transferred it to your system. However, when you tried playing that MP4 file while transferring them to you are external storage device, you notice that video file was missing from a media called video player and it stopped responding. Later, you have tried once more and the same response you encountered. How will you get back that lost MP4 video file?

Yes, with Remo Recover you can easily restore deleted or lost MP4 files from both Windows and Mac operating systems. Using its in built scanning algorithms, the software scans the entire drive in few minutes for retrieving MP4 videos at the earliest. It’s simple to understand interface will provide step by step recovery process. So all kinds of users including technical, non technical and new users can easily install and run the program.

  • Recovers permanently deleted MP4 video files using shift delete combinational keys or command prompt
  • After recovery process, you can sort the data based on their size, name, file type and so on.
  • Restores data from formatted, reformatted, inaccessible drives
  • Supports different storage devices for data recovery process

Notable features of Remo Recover

  • Find tool – With the help of this tool, you can locate a particular of you are choice from huge list of data
  • Save Recovery Session – This feature avoids rescanning of the drive more than once and resumes the recovery process. Hence, you can save the time of scanning process
  • Preview – You can view the recovered files before in advance before storing it into you are system destination
  • Supported Windows OS – Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server, Windows 2008 Server and Windows 2012 Server
  • Supported Mac OS – Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks and Yosemite
  • Demo Version – You can download the demo version of the software prior purchasing the paid version
  • Technical Support – 24*7 technical assistance will be provided to resolve all your   issues regarding installation or recovery process

Other common scenarios for loss/deletion of MP4 files are:

  • Accidental Deletion – Sometimes, while deleting some your old or unwanted file you might accidentally choose important MP4 video files along with them which leads to deletion
  • Computer Virus – Virus is a bug sometimes affects Mac operating system, due to many reasons like exchanging some data, MP4 files from any external storage devices or downloading from infected sites etc. Even after scanning process from antivirus software if your system is not free from virus, randomly files like MP4 goes missing.
  • Inaccurate transfer of MP4 files – When you are exchanging mp4 files from any other external drive to other system and in between the process, if there is sudden removal of that drive or without using an option called Safe Removal Hard drive that makes MP4 files missing.
  • Other reasons – There are many reasons that causes MP4 files inaccessible such as virus attack, restoring system, accidentally reformatting, file system error etc.

Apart from above discussed scenarios, there are plenty other reasons for MP4 video file deletion. However, with Remo Recover you can undelete MP4 videos

Important points to remember

  • Always maintain updated backup of MP4 video files
  • Use reliable third party tools
  • Make use of licensed antivirus software
  • Do not eject the external drives in between the process
  • For safer side, have backup of MP4 files

Cyber Tip From The Multi-State Sharing and Analysis Center (MS-ISAC)

In the present environment and with the advanced technology hacking is most common and easy. So we need to be careful and cautioned about the hacking and make sure that your account is safe from the hackers.

MSISAClogoLet us study some of the cyber tip from Multi-State Sharing and Analysis Center to avoid hacking of our data.

Mobile device should be secure:

Mostly the mobile users will leave their mobile devices in the public places without locking the mobile. If you keep your device open in front of anyone then he may access your data easily. Other thing you need to do is you should have updated software in your devices because the hackers many be knowing the tracking tricks in the older versions.

So if you update them he can’t be able to access you information. Along with this you need to have a strong password in your device and should avoid the similar and most commonly used passwords.

Be careful while using cloud services:

In the current market there are many providers of cloud services and you should not blindly trust any of the cloud service, because there are many different policies in each and every service. First of all look at the required needs of your storage that is at what extent you need security.

Next you should see the contract in which Service Level Agreements and End User license Agreements are most important all these agreements should be suitable and effective to you.

Stay safe on social networking sites:

We mostly use social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc. But the main source of hacking that is targeted by the hackers is social sites. In which your personal information should be displayed to other people.

Here you need to make sure that before visiting websites your computer is protected, never feel that you are in a safe and trusted environment, only provide the required personal details on these sites, do not share all the information to the one whom you do conversation, after using these sites make sure that you will sign out the account without fail.