Retrieving data from USB Flash Drive

Understanding the Benefits of using USB flash drive

Now—a-days there are numerous methods of storing your digital data. You may prefer many different sources for storing your essential data. Among them, USB flash drive is considered as handy device that can be used for storing your crucial files and folders. There are advantages of using USB hard drive such as storage capacity and stability. But at some point of instances; data saved on these devices can also get lost or deleted at times.

Let us understand few situations wherein data has been lost or deleted from your USB flash drive. The most common reasons are mentioned below:

Human Errors: In order to make your USB drive free from error messages, you may perform accidental formatting or reformatting of USB flash drives. In such cases, there are chances that may cause deletion of data

Unintentional Deletion: Sometimes, you may accidentally delete some of your important files from your USB. After some time, you realized that you lost your important files. Thereafter you cannot even restore them even from Recycle Bin which results data loss situation

USB Flash Drive Corruption: If your system is infected with viruses or sometimes you may use untrusted applications for recovery process. This may result inaccessibility of your flash drive which further corrupts the data

In order to avoid such scenarios in future here are some suggestions that are discussed below

  • Make sure that your system is safeguarded with antivirus software to avoid virus threats
  • While you are transferring any important files, make sure that you don’t interrupt the on-going process

Apart from the above discussed situations, there can be other instances that are responsible for causing loss of data from USB hard drive. So, in certain cases it happens that you may think that you won’t be able to recover your lost data.

Well, don’t worry even if you are under any stressful circumstances. It is possible to restore data that has been lost or deleted from USB hard drive. Since the data is still present in your USB drive. The data is no longer visible to you because the address pointers have been erased from the file allocation table. So to recover data from your USB hard drive it is advisable to make use of data recovery utility. Remo Recover is one of the powerful USB data recovery software which is useful for retrieving deleted or lost data in an efficient manner.

Remo Recover: Solution for USB Data Recovery

Remo Recover is capable of scanning the entire drive in order to recover deleted or lost files from your USB flash drive with ease. It easily identifies and restores all formats of video, photo and audio files.  Apart from this, it can recover RAW photo files of all formats like CR2, CRW, PEF, NEF etc. data from other external storage devices which includes hard disks, thumb drives, memory sticks, external hard drives etc.

The tool has the ability to perform USB data recovery  from formatted or re-formatted external USB drives. There is a provision of restoring data from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, exFAT, HFS, HFSX partitions. With the help of this program, recovery of files from Windows Recycle Bin as well as files that has been emptied from Trash.

The recovered files can be sorted on the basis of date, creation date, extension, size and file name. After completion of recovery process, the recovered files can also be viewed in File Type view that helps in recovering data on the basis of your file extension and Data view allows you to view the recovered data in hierarchical format. Later you can also store them into CD / DVD or any desired destination location that can be accessed easily.

This program is compatible with Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows 2008 and Windows 2012. Furthermore, it will support Mac operating system that includes Leopard, Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion, Mavericks Yosemite and EI Capitan.

Other Advantages of Remo Recover

  • Disk images can be created that will bypass bad sectors from hard drive and thus help in recovering data from disk image files
  • It will even recover your lost songs from iPods or iTunes library
  • Save Recovery Session helps in saving the re-scanning time of your entire drive
  • Minimum Disk Space of 50 MB is required for installing the application
  • Interactive Interface provides step by step guidance for the installation as well as utility of software
  • Free support and technical help is available round the clock for solving customer queries

USB Device Manufacturers: It includes Kingston, Sony, HP, Samsung, Toshiba, Kodak, SanDisk, Transcend, Panasonic, Samsung, Seagate and many more.