“VRtually There”

The USA Today Network aims to debut a Virtual Reality program called “VRtually There” which is expected to start in the spring of this year. The show will cover a wide range of topics which includes politics, sports, technology and finance. As stated by the company Gannet, “VRtually There” accesses a network and broadcast’s various programs that are set routinely.


As per the spokesperson Amber Allman it depends on newsrooms network around US to transfer original report for Virtual Reality (VR) platform. She also told that “we will advertise the show via our multiplatform USA Today Network which is made up of national brand, USA today, and 92 local news brands, websites, mobile applications and news paper regularly. Content from any of them can appear on the show.

It broadcasts the music related stuffs from a newsroom in Nashville, Tennessee; sports news from Indianapolis and Detroit; alfresco living from Reno, Nevada, and Fort Collins, Colorado; numerous tech news from Los Angeles and San Francisco; financial news from Westchester, New York; latest tips and tricks according to user opinions from Reviewed.com; and political stories and government related stuffs from nation’s capital.

For folks who don’t own a headset the show promotes 360 degree video on desktops, Smartphones, tablets, mobile VR viewers and headsets like Oculus Rift and HTC’s Vive . Allman told “we will also include tutorial for fresh users to demonstrate about Virtual Reality and how to use it”. In addition to that we aim to sponsor the show in other news platform and industry at user events.

Allman told “show provides unique opportunity to tell stories in a new and different ways on air”. The story telling in Virtual Reality remains in experimental stage. The distinct features which are successful in online video experiences must be questioned and reviewed again for opinions. Allman said “traits like autoplay, idea of playlist, or even simpler ideas like a lower thirds graphic that make sense on a 360 degree canvas will be examined and studied.

As per the professor of marketing at Pace University’s Lubin school of business, Larry Chiagouris said ”negative reviews by user causes trouble in acceptance of VR”. Initially the content will be designed for viewing on inexpensive Virtual Reality device such as Google’s cardboard which costs about $15.

“The best way to achieve success is to make it sensible as much as possible” Chiagouris informed Tech News world. If cheap ways causes adverse effects on user experience in initial stages then it will do more bad than good in acceptance of Virtual Reality. The USA Today Network is currently in discussions with a set of brands about advertising opportunities.