Many of you would have been through a situation where you have lost photos from your storage medium. You accidentally deleted important pictures from your camera, formatted memory card by mistake, or have lost images from system for reasons unknown. Whatever might be the reason, losing important photos is upsetting, as pictures bring back memories of the good times you had.

What are the reasons behind losing photos?

There are various reasons for losing images from your storage medium. Some of them are mentioned here –

  • Accidental deletion: While previewing photos on your digital camera or camcorder, you would accidentally press the “Delete All” button which results in entire photos getting deleted. Also, when you are deleting unwanted pictures using Shift Delete or Command Delete keys, you might accidentally delete few important images too.
  • Interruptions: Sudden removal of storage device from the system or abrupt termination of the process when photo files are in transfer from system to storage device, or vice versa, results in loss of photos.
  • Formatting: Accidentally formatting your storage drive on which photos were stored results in loss of photos. Sometimes, when you try to access your memory card, or a particular drive, you see error messages which ask you to format the drive. You have no option but to format the drive due to which photos and other files stored in it gets lost.
  • Other reasons: Corruption of the storage media on which photos are stored, clicking pictures when camera is low on battery, etc, are few other factors for losing pictures.

You would realize the importance of backup when you lose photos due to the instances mentioned above, or due to any other reason. Under such situations you might think that your pictures are lost forever. But, that is not the case, as it is possible to get back your deleted or lost images from the storage medium. Remo Recover is a reliable Photo Recovery tool which restores photos with ease.

Retrieve Pictures using Remo Recover tool –

Remo Recover software gets back deleted or lost photos in a simple and quick way. It thoroughly scans the drive to look for missing pictures and restores them in just few minutes. Whether it is image recovery from hard drive, flash memory card, external USB drive, iPod, FireWire drive, or any other storage device, the application retrieves the files effortlessly.

Remo Photo Recovery software supports a wide range of photo file formats such as JPEG, PSD, BMP, TIFF, GIF, JPG, TIF, PNG, etc. Moreover, even RAW files can be recovered from various digital cameras and camcorders like Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Sony, Panasonic, Kodak, Minolta, Pentax, and so on. And, apart from restoring images, the tool is also capable of retrieving deleted or missing video files, music files, and other multimedia files. The software works on both Windows and Mac operating systems to efficiently recover files.

Other notable features of Remo Recover –

  • The tool easily identifies and retrieves media files of all formats
  • It is easy to use and makes the recovery process easy for even a new user
  • The utility is a non-destructive read-only tool which does not alter the contents of the files during the entire recovery process
  • The application allows you to search for a particular file from the list of recovered data with the Find option
  • You can preview the recovered files before saving them on any location

Other situations where you can make use of Remo Recover –

  • To restore images, music files or other files emptied from Recycle Bin or Trash
  • For recovering data from corrupted or formatted flash memory cards like SD cards, CF cards, XD cards, and so on
  • To get back photos, videos, songs and other media files from crashed computer
  • For retrieving files after system restore
  • While restoring pictures and other files from RAW memory cards

Tip: Whenever photos or other files are deleted or lost from your storage medium, stop using the drive immediately. Do not add any new file until recovery is done. Also, do not save the recovered files on the same device.