A Smartphone is more than a simple mobile phone. It consists of advanced mobile operating system which adds lots of features of personal computer operating system along with other useful features of mobile. Almost every Smartphone’s allows access of internet and comes with a touch screen user interface along with LED, LCD, OLED or a same kind of screen. But one big problem among Smartphone is charging, it means if you use a Smartphone to its best capabilities then its battery gets discharged immediately. Various steps have been taken to at least resolve this issue to certain extent. Some manufacturers and scientist got a little bit of success bout now a new initiative has been taken by researchers of China to resolve this problem to certain level.

A new technology has been developed which makes Smartphone generate power with help of new coating. To avail this facility only a transparent material need to be attached to touch screen of Smartphone.  A researcher of china told, this will help device to generate electricity whenever anybody press on it. Nowadays most of the cell phones and tablet computers have touch screens.  For using a touch screen enabled Smartphone finger tips are used. Scientists of Lanzhou University of China gave a scientific reason that the mechanical energy from these motion means finger taps can be converted in to electricity which can be further used for charging the phone batteries. This technique can definitely help to extend working time of these external devices.

A new material has been developed by the researchers. These materials are based on a transparent silicone rubber which is known as PDMS. A different methodology is being used by the scientist for evolving such an amazing thing. Scientist has embedded wires in this rubber which is made of zirconate titanate that has only 700 nanometers or billionths of a meter of width. This width is equal to 140 times thinner than the average width of human hair.