To have a brief knowledge or updates technology of 2016 then listen keenly to CES, which is an interesting show taking place in Las Vegas next week. Consumer report says that people are waiting to see tons of new tablets, laptops, drones, robots, gaming peripherals, camera’s and other products. These product will give some or the other information to generate news and publicity. These trends will matter most to consumers.

4K TVs with HDR plus more OLEDS:

In the next year, 4K UHD dominates store shelves and at CES, TV makers improve their display using some or the other ways. Some of the users are more concern about contrast and color accuracy which are two main concepts to make picture more vibrant, hence user focus on high dynamic range or HDR technology which helps in doing so. Some technical standards have been set for HDR, these standards are strictly restricted by only showing up in few Amazon Prime shows. In TV news it is cleared that 4K Blu-ray players will launch at CES in 2016.  Later on users will only hear about some brands of Chinese. OLED TV’s got more improvements in it. People without plasma TV are not to worry much about its absence. As OLED TV’s included rich, deep black levels of plasma this made increment in Rating of the device.

Virtual reality, Now on Sale:

In CES, from past few years’ virtual reality and about headsets has been a very good concept for every readers. This was the main thing which companies show off and equipment for content developers.  In 2015, knowledge about or brief of Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR experimenting its cutting edge technology for all users. In Las Vegas convention center, even a discussion about virtual reality took place and we expect to see real people ready version of Oculus Rift, Sony play station VR, HTC Vice and other headset. This all technology is done mainly for the sake of gaming but CES declares that even VR is used in all other applications.

The Internet of Things you Wear:

Fitness trackers are mainstream devices and Smartwatches have moved from a niche category into solid early adopter territory. But those are early adopter territory. But those are for wearable tech world. At CES 2016,many number of products are been shown up that will range from jewelry to computerized sports, clothing to headphones, with biotracking features, some devices measuring blood pressure.