A Glitch in Twitter Network

Twitter – the Microblogging service hit by outrage leaving its users unable to broadcast their thoughts to the world in 140 characters. It is said that the website went down for an hour on Tuesday morning, and users started to report the issue in the early afternoon. Whoever visited the site www.twitter.com, were provided with a message stating that, something is technically wrong, and the company will bring the things to normal soon. The website reported that the service has had technical problems, but the company didn’t provide the details about the further actions clearly.

The web as well as the mobile services began responding to the issue at about 08:40 GMT and lasted up to 11:00 GMT. For most of the people, the site continued to be irregular for certain hours. Users from different parts of the globe, including the Netherlands, the US, the UAE and other parts reported that they couldn’t access the service. Even twitter failed to provide the services of reading and posting tweets to its 300 million mobile users.

Well, the company opted to communicate the problem via a tweet. It tweeted that the code’s over capacity and API are the culprits that are connecting other services with Twitter, making it to face with some internal errors. This error leads to some serious issues like the users couldn’t login, unable to send and view the tweets or images. A representative from Twitter reported that a tweet from the company’s @support account says that, some users are currently experiencing problems accessing Twitter. The company is aware of the issue and it is finding a solution.

‘Headache’ for Dorsey

According to Frost and Sullivan consultants, the Twitter’s chief executive was very much worried about the issue, and it was like an unwelcome headache for him. Again, the principle analyst Sheridan Nye reported to BBC that, there were some problems with the application program interface of the Twitter site which let the other websites and its apps to connect with Twitter. Also, the loss of the application program interface integrated the problem with all developers, organizations, and companies.

She again added that if the network issues continued for the long time, then it would be risky for most of the business firms. Especially, the company or the business which is planning a new digital product would be in danger as its product’s marketing value will be lost.

She also suspects that, recently launched apps may not be able to enjoy the benefits of live feedback. Barclays enjoyed the advantage of bank’s PingIt payments app last year. According to Ms. Nye, Barclays immediately altered the service to provide access to users who were irritated by the idea of not using the service.