Transfer Outlook Data File

While using Outlook for your business and personal communication, you may find the necessity of moving Outlook data to new environment due to some reasons. New location may be your new Windows OS, upgraded version of Outlook or a new system. In such situation, you may utilize manual methods for transferring your Outlook attributes.

But these methods are not safe and you may lose your precious Outlook data while moving that you cannot afford to lose. And also they will not transfer complete Outlook attributes. MS Outlook inbuilt feature “Import and Export” is one such facility which you can use for migrating your Outlook data. But as mentioned above, it will not move entire Outlook items.

Then, does this means that there is no way to transfer Outlook data without losing any attributes? Absolutely No! There are still chances to transfer Outlook data without any loss. For that, you need to utilize Remo software’s Backup and Migrate tool which helps you to move your Outlook profile in an easy and safe manner. It also ensures complete transfer of Outlook data.

Remo Outlook Backup and Migrate- To move Outlook profile…

The application helps you to migrate Outlook data from one Outlook version to another. Not just emails, you can transfer all the Outlook attributes such as notes, contact list, tasks, journals including your settings. In fact, it allows you to take a backup of Outlook attributes before moving them to some other location. So, make use of this software to know how to transfer Outlook to another computer easily that too without losing any information.

Remo Outlook Backup and Migrate application helps you to create unlimited number of backup profiles. With this tool, even possible to backup Outlook data automatically as per the scheduled time as it is provided by built-in scheduler. Overall, you can perform backup, restore and migration operation in few clicks by utilizing this utility.

Remo Outlook Backup and Migrate software can also allow you to:

  • create multiple backup copies of Outlook Data file
  • creates four restoration points to go back to previous Outlook state in backed up Outlook file
  • Advanced Backup option allows you to take a backup of only those attributes which you want to move to a new location
  • Use Smart Backup option, if you want complete Outlook backup
  • Provides password for backup to prevent unauthorized access
  • Helps to split the backup archive and save them in any location of your choice
  • Remo Backup and Migrate Tool supports following Outlook versions 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002 and Office 365.

Moreover, it comes with free demo version through which you can evaluate the results before purchasing licensed version. 24*7 technical assistance will be provided by this tool to solve any kind of problems that arises during establishment process, recovery process etc.

When it is necessary to move Outlook?

  • If you buy a new pc, then it is obvious that you want to move your Outlook from old system to new one. Even then you can use this tool to move your Outlook data.
  • While upgrading your Outlook or operating system, you may need this tool in order to transfer your Outlook data to upgraded version.
  • If you are reinstalling your Windows OS due to some reasons and you want to migrate your Outlook, then you can make use of this tool.
  • While formatting and reformatting hard drive also you need to migrate your Outlook data in order to avoid data loss.