Well, according to survey, Apple MacBook is the most reliable laptop in the market. It has been observed by Consumers report that thousands of American consumers has been using MacBook Air. Despite of its advanced technology and ultra-light feature, failure rate of 7% has been estimated within the first three years of ownership. These results were proposed by persons who purchased a laptop in the last five years.

Besides, Apple is having other primary line of laptops, named as MacBook Pro which came with a failure rate of 9%. Whereas Apple’s mobile PCs turned in a failure rate of 10% which is known as lowest of any OEM. MacBook fails at lower rates as compared to Windows even though they are being used three more hours each week.

Another report provides information that Windows powered laptops which are not expensive in comparison of Apple are failing at a higher rate. Samsung failed at an estimated rate of 16% in the first three years. There were notebook laptops from Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo and Toshiba which were in range of 18-19%. Lenovo ThinkPads has an estimated failure rate of 15% during first three years.

It’s been noticed that Apple’s notebooks are really expensive when it comes for repairing in comparison to Windows PC. $300 or more, this is actually 3 times more the repair cost of an average Windows notebook. So it is advisable to purchase; AppleCare, the Cupertino, Calif along with company’s extended warranty. The facility of extended warranty allows extending it from one year to three. Besides they also provide free technical support from 90 days to three years.

According to the report, people who have bought Apple laptop have added AppleCare more than fraction of Windows notebook buyers who have purchased an extended warranty from the retailer.