What does Smart Auto do in Camera

Today, most of the cameras come with intelligent auto modes which help to analyze the type of scene and shooting conditions you’re capturing. Certain models of Canon digital cameras have a shooting mode called Smart Auto which increases the ability to get a good photo by detecting environmental factors and adjusting camera settings accordingly.

The SmartAuto chooses the best mode so that the camera automatically adjusts to the scenery around you for the best possible picture. Some of the modes are Portrait, Macro Portrait, Night Portrait, Backlight Portrait, Macro, Macro Color, Macro Text, Landscape, Blue Sky Mode, etc. Thus, depending on the distance from the object and the light conditions, only certain modes can be used.

As you point the camera at a subject, an icon automatically changes on the LCD indicating what scene mode is being used. If the scene includes a person, face-detection comes into play and the camera follows focuses and sets exposure for it.

Here are some of the features of SmartAuto Scene mode

Canon’s SmartAuto technology uses a variety of features to adjust to the camera settings for 58 different combinations of scenes. The camera can detect the background and the subject then it decides how to set aperture and shutter speed on the camera.

When this SmartAuto technology is used in the camera, it can detect the subjects in bright conditions, outside, at sunset, under spotlights and even in the dark. Hence, compared to camera mode, auto modes can be quite effective. Some of the SmartAuto scenes modes and their features are as mentioned below:

Landscape: When aiming a camera at a landscape or sea, the camera detects the subject. The settings are automatically selected for capturing more intense colors.

Night portrait: In case if you are capturing pictures in low light and night scenes, then shutter speed and sensitivity are automatically adjusted. If the camera senses a flash is needed, it automatically enables and adjusts the flash range.

Portrait: This mode automatically recognizes when you’re photographing a person at close-up. The camera detects the face, and makes adjustments to settings such as white balance, brightness, etc.

Backlit: Backlit mode senses when a strong light behind subject. This makes exposure adjustments so faces and foreground objects don’t end up in shadows, or scenes don’t become dark and underexposed.

Also, Canon cameras with SmartAuto comes with notable feature called Face ID, which enables you to register 12 individuals in the camera. This mode even gives preference in your shots by making sure people faces are properly exposed.