What does Smart Auto do in Camera

Today, most of the cameras come with intelligent auto modes which help to analyze the type of scene and shooting conditions you’re capturing. Certain models of Canon digital cameras have a shooting mode called Smart Auto which increases the ability to get a good photo by detecting environmental factors and adjusting camera settings accordingly.

The SmartAuto chooses the best mode so that the camera automatically adjusts to the scenery around you for the best possible picture. Some of the modes are Portrait, Macro Portrait, Night Portrait, Backlight Portrait, Macro, Macro Color, Macro Text, Landscape, Blue Sky Mode, etc. Thus, depending on the distance from the object and the light conditions, only certain modes can be used.

As you point the camera at a subject, an icon automatically changes on the LCD indicating what scene mode is being used. If the scene includes a person, face-detection comes into play and the camera follows focuses and sets exposure for it.

Here are some of the features of SmartAuto Scene mode

Canon’s SmartAuto technology uses a variety of features to adjust to the camera settings for 58 different combinations of scenes. The camera can detect the background and the subject then it decides how to set aperture and shutter speed on the camera.

When this SmartAuto technology is used in the camera, it can detect the subjects in bright conditions, outside, at sunset, under spotlights and even in the dark. Hence, compared to camera mode, auto modes can be quite effective. Some of the SmartAuto scenes modes and their features are as mentioned below:

Landscape: When aiming a camera at a landscape or sea, the camera detects the subject. The settings are automatically selected for capturing more intense colors.

Night portrait: In case if you are capturing pictures in low light and night scenes, then shutter speed and sensitivity are automatically adjusted. If the camera senses a flash is needed, it automatically enables and adjusts the flash range.

Portrait: This mode automatically recognizes when you’re photographing a person at close-up. The camera detects the face, and makes adjustments to settings such as white balance, brightness, etc.

Backlit: Backlit mode senses when a strong light behind subject. This makes exposure adjustments so faces and foreground objects don’t end up in shadows, or scenes don’t become dark and underexposed.

Also, Canon cameras with SmartAuto comes with notable feature called Face ID, which enables you to register 12 individuals in the camera. This mode even gives preference in your shots by making sure people faces are properly exposed.

Simple Step to Remove Virus Manually

How to manually find and remove a virus?

For every computer users of all over world, it is very important to have some knowledge regarding system viruses or other malicious programs. Once any of these viruses get into the user system then it might infect and cause destruction of the PC. Malwares are categorized into different types of infection and very little number of users is aware of it.

how to manually find and remove a virusMalware is nothing but a programming code that is developed for the use of harming the system. It copies and multiplies itself and infects computers. Hence, malwares are computer viruses, Trojan horses, hijackers, worms, spywares and certain kind of adware. These viruses can capable of spreading in the form of executable code format from one system to another. The most common way from which virus may get insert to the user’s PC is with the help of pen drives or USB drives.

Most virus detection programs failed to find them. In some cases, it might detect but in the most cases it unable to find viruses like New Folder.exe and delete the file. So, in our post I am going to utilize command prompt for removing destructive programs that antivirus is incapable of erasing it. User can check this out for more information on how to manually find and remove a virus from the system. I will not go into specific details on any particular infection program but rather provide information about how these infected files can be deleted. Below are the steps:

Step 1: First go to start button and then type cmd command on the search programs and files to run the Windows command prompt.

Step 2: In this step, user need choose the drive location which is infected by the virus and then drive letter and colon (D :). For example, C: drive, D: drive, E: drive, etc.

Step 3: After selecting appropriate drive, type attrib –s –h *.* /s /d and then hit enter.

Step 4: On this screen, type dir command and press enter key. The dir command displays user all the content of the drive.

Step 5: Check for an unusual .exe executable file that is, if there is an autorun.inf file then rename it with new file name. For example, rename autorun.inf abc.

Step 6: By following above steps, user can access the drive and then click on my computer icon. Select the drive and erase the harmful files. User can also delete those files by using command prompt and type del filename.

Photoshop File Repair Software

Photoshop documents are stored with a .psd extension; this is the default format that Photoshop uses for saving the file. Creating PSD file is a very time consuming process. So, if in any case, these PSD files get corrupt, then it is really an annoying situation for you.

Consider a scenario, wherein your computer has crashed while you were editing your PSD file and later when you restarted your system, you tried to open your PSD file. But, the PSD file displayed only one layer and shows as corrupted image. Even though, you have tried to locate .tmp file, but you are failed to find that file. You have worked on this PSD for weeks, so, now you don’t want to waste time for recreating it. So, what will you do in such situation? Read further to know more…

It is very common, when the PC crashes while save is on-going, then that result in PSD file corruption. Other than above mentioned scenario, there are some other instances which cause PSD file corruption, such as:

Application Malfunction– If Adobe Photoshop is not upgraded from long time, then it may lead to application malfunctioning. As a result your PSD file may get corrupt and shows errors like PSD file unable to open in Photoshop, etc.

Abrupt Termination of Photoshop-PSD file get corrupt, if you close the Adobe Photoshop application abruptly while editing or using PSD file, then there is a chance of PSD file corruption.

Improper Conversion of PSD: It is possible to convert, your PSD to JPG, JPEG or to another format. If the proper conversion method is not used, then PSD file may get corrupt.

Unreliable Tools:  There is a chance of PSD file corruption, if you use an unreliable tool for recovering lost Photoshop file.

Editing or opening Photoshop files directly from any removable drives, inaccurate compression tools, file system corruption, header corruption, etc. are some other reasons for corruption of PSD files. When you try to open these corrupted PSD files, they show some error messages like “Not a valid Photoshop document”, “Could not complete your request because of program error”, “The file is not readable” etc.

How to repair the corrupted PSD file?

You need a reliable tool for repairing your corrupted PSD file, in case you have not maintained any backup. Remo Repair PSD is one such PSD repair tool, which helps you to fix corrupted file in few minutes. The application works on read only mode, it just extracts the information from the corrupted PSD file and stores it in a new healthy file. It doesn’t modify original file while repairing it. You can easily fix Photoshop file with .psd and .pdd extension, using this reliable utility.

The application repairs corrupted PSD files on Windows and Mac system in a couple of minutes. It supports PSD files created with different versions of Abode Photoshop such as Photoshop5.5, Photoshop 6.0, Photoshop 7, CS, CS1, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5 and CS6. You can fix your PSD file with its different color modes like Bitmap, Gray-Scale, Indexed Color, RGB color, CMYK color, Multichannel color, Duotone color and Lab color mode etc. Also, it lets you repair your PSD files having the depths of 1, 8, 16, and 32 bits per channel. Furthermore, RLE compressed PSD file is easily fixed using this tool.

Remo PSD Repair application fixes corrupted PSD file saved on different storage devices like internal hard drive, USB flash drives, memory cards, external hard drive and so on. With Preview option, you can view repaired PSD file with its layers and mask files before saving them on a particular destination.

To know more about Remo PSD Repair Tool which fixes your corrupted PST file in a couple of minutes, visit the following link www.remosoftware.com/psd-repair-tool

Tips to prevent PSD file corruption:

  • Avoid abrupt termination of the Photoshop application while editing or using your PSD file
  • Don’t edit or open Photoshop files directly from any removable drives
  • Backup your important Photoshop files before editing/converting into other format
  • Don’t use unreliable tool to convert and to recover lost PSD files

Important Note- Once your PSD file corrupts then do not perform any trial and check method by using various repair tools because it will reduce the chances of repairing files.

Why Remo Repair PSD?

It’s easy to use and self-descriptive interface, navigates you throughout the repair process. The application facilitates 24 * 7 technical supports to solve all your queries which you may encounter while using this tool. It helps you to evaluate performance of the tool by demo version which is free to download.


Transfer Contacts from Outlook

Outlook contacts are one of the important attributes among other Outlook items as it contains users contact details like name, phone no, email id etc. It’s really tough to imagine losing Outlook contacts while moving to a new environment.

Some of the scenarios where moving Outlook contacts is necessary:

  • Moving from one computer to another computer or Laptop
  • When you want to upgrade your Windows OS or to new Outlook version, in order to take benefits of newer version
  • Before formatting or reformatting your hard drive
  • When you want to reinstall Windows operating system

How to move Outlook contacts safely?

Manual backup option is provided by MS Outlook to move contacts and other attributes to a new location. But, this method is risky and there is no assurance that it will backup all the contacts before moving to another location. Also, if something goes wrong, then it results in the loss of valuable contacts. Hence, more care should be taken while moving Outlook contacts to a new location.

Since, the manual method is complicated, you can make use of reliable Outlook migrating tool, which assists you to transfer Outlook contacts and other attributes to a new environment easily. Remo Outlook Backup and Migrate is one such tool which helps to backup and migrate all your Outlook contacts safely without losing any attributes.

Remo Outlook Backup and Migrate

Remo Outlook Backup and Migrate is designed to transfer Outlook contacts along with its items like name, email id, address, phone number etc. Not just contacts, you can even migrate email folders, journals, tasks, rules, notes, signatures, calendar and so on with its settings and the profile. Before moving Outlook contacts, the tool first creates a backup copy of Outlook contacts and then you can move it to any computer or move it to any upgraded Outlook version.

Also, the tool is provided with in-built scheduler to backup Outlook contacts automatically as per the scheduled time which can be taken daily, weekly or on monthly basis. You can also protect backed up personal Outlook address book from unauthorized access by setting password. In order to go back to previous Outlook state, you can make use of four restore points. In addition, you can customize your Outlook backup file, i.e. backup file can be stored on any disk or different disks by splitting backup file in order to match the storage capacity of the storage media. You can save backup of all required Outlook attributes and on any accessible storage devices like CD, DVD, hard drive, pen drive etc. of your choice

Other features of Remo Outlook Backup and Migrate:

  • With its highly interactive and easy-to-use interface, any user can effectively backup Outlook folders without any hindrances
  • Provides two customized options to backup Outlook data, you can back up entire Outlook attributes or only required ones based on necessity
  • Highly interactive technical team available round the clock to provide any sort of assistance
  • Enables you to take backup of entire Outlook attributes and settings on any Outlook version like Outlook 2000, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2016
  • Compatible on all Windows OS version like Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and so on

Repairing MOV file which is Unplayable

MOV file is used for storing multimedia files. It is basically a file extension that is used by QuickTime media player. This media software is available for both Mac and Windows computer which make use of .mov file format for saving movies and other video files. The videos created with this format will have high quality and is the most preferred file format for transferring video files. That is why most of the available movies and videos that are present online are in .mov format.

Consider a scenario, where your favorite video is unplayable because you are making use of incompatible media player which suddenly make the video file freeze and you got annoyed since it was one of the important video. This is very common situation that your MOV file getting corrupted when you are playing it. There are numerous reasons responsible for MOV file corruption. Let’s understand few common situations in which MOV file is likely to corrupt:

  • Transfer Errors– While transferring MOV video files from your camera to computer system then MOV file is damaged because of sudden power outage or improper termination while transferring of video files. Moreover, it can corrupt the file structure in future.
  • Video files can get corrupted due to faulty freeware application- Using unreliable application for converting or compressing MOV file can severely damage the file
  • Incompatible Media Player- If you try playing MOV file on an incompatible media player, then MOV file might get corrupted and it becomes unplayable
  • Changing file format of MOV file- Frequently changing the file format for the purpose of converting is likely to damage the MOV file
  • Storage Devices– Another aspect which result in corruption of MOV files is bad sectors that are present on storage devices such as external hard drive

If you come across similar situation then you can make use of repairing software that will easily fix the problem of corrupt MOV file. One such utility that is equipped with advanced mechanism which will help quickly in repairing unplayable MOV file is Remo Repair MOV.

Repairing Unplayable MOV file using Remo Repair MOV:

Remo Repair MOV software repairs unplayable MOV / MP4 video files. It works on Windows as well as Mac platforms. It securely repairs your unplayable MOV file which has been corrupted while recording video file on your cameras, smartphones, and camcorders of any brand.

The software will repair .mov file by extracting the data from MOV file, then it will split the audio and video streams separately. After that, it will repair those streams individually and then finally joins them together. It will safely repair unplayable MOV / MP4 files by keeping the original MOV file intact as it generates a new healthy playable MOV file.

Sometimes MOV file is corrupted because of codec issues that further lead to improper synchronization of MOV files thus making the MOV file unplayable. Sometimes, there are chances that, you may get an error while trying to play a video on Mac QuickTime player, which states that Quick Time error 2048 couldn’t open the file. This indicates that MOV file is corrupt. With the ease of user interface Remo Repair assists to fix all such type of issues which are related to MOV files.

In addition to this, the software is compatible with Windows operating system which includes Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. Server edition includes Windows 2003 server and Windows 2008 server. Apart from this, Mac operating system includes Snow Leopard, Lion, and Mountain Lion, Mavericks and Yosemite.

Remo Repair supports large number of camcorder brands wherein you have recorded MOV files includes Canon, Casio, Nikon, Panasonic, Sony, Olympus, Samsung, iPhone etc. For more information visit the link www.remosoftware.com/repair-unplayable-mov-file

Additional Features of Remo Repair MOV

  • Securely fixes all issues related to MOV / MP4 files with ease
  • Easily repairs videos that are recorded on iPhones and GoPro cameras
  • Demo version: It will repair all corrupt files with the provision of viewing the repaired files
  • Full version: It will completely repair the files and allow the user to save them appropriately
  • Preview option provides preview of full video files before saving it

The codec supported by this tool are mentioned below:

  • Video codecs: – mjpeg, mp4v, avc 1
  • Audio codecs:- mp4a, RAW, sowt

Precautionary Steps that should be taken in future

  • Do not abruptly pull out memory card from camera / camcorder during MOV file transfer process
  • Make use of authorized third party tool to convert MOV file to another format
  • Avoid frequent conversion of MOV file

Know How to Perform Lexar Micro SD Card Recovery


My Lexar Micro SD Card has been damaged; I had actually stored few vital imagesfiles in it. Right after its corruption, I am not getting access to any of the data from it. I attempted all possible approaches to recover them, yet none of them were useful. At any expense I need those files, can anybody please tell me how to restore data from Corrupted Micro SD Card?”

Are you the one who have got caught in a similar case as specified above? If yes, then don’t get panicked. There exists an outstanding tool to support you in restoring data from damaged Micro SD card. Its name is Lexar Image Rescue software. With the assistance of this application you can bring back data from damaged Lexar Micro SD card in few simple clicks of computer mouse. This Lexar Image Rescue software can also be utilized to restore data from different kinds of memory cards, for example, CF cards, MMC cards, XD cards, etc. Apart from memory cards, the product is fit for restoring data from other storage devices including computer hard disks, external hard drives, memory sticks, FireWire drives, etc. It’s a right tool, if you want to recover pictures from Micro SD card.

How Lexar Micro SD card get damage?

Virus infection: Viruses are most harming stuffs for any of the storage devices; in the event that they enter into the Lexar Micro SD Card then they’ll seriously damage the Micro SD card, which in turn will make you to lose stored information.

Mishandling of Micro SD card: These Lexar Micro SD card when not utilized in legitimate way then there will be more chance for it to get damage. Sudden ejection of Lexar Micro SD Card from its host gadget is one form misusing, which has to be evaded.

Because of these above mentioned reasons, if Lexar Micro SD Card gets damaged and you lose any vital information, then take the help of Lexar Image Rescue software. It’s a most effective application, which is well known for its powerful scanning engine using which it reads whole Lexar Micro SD Card and brings back entire data.

Lexar Image Rescue software includes these below described features:

  • 1: This software performs Lexar Micro SD card recovery on all latest versions of Mac OS including Lion, Mountain Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Mavericks, etc as well as on Windows OS such as Windows 8, Vista, 7, XP, etc.
  • 2: It recovers different kinds of files including photos, music files, video files, PDF, Word documents, Excel files, etc.
  • 3: In an extremely constrained time compass it restores enormous measure of data from damaged Micro SD card.
  • 4: Files that are restored from damaged Lexar Micro SD Card can be stored to any destination location of hard drive; furthermore they can be stored to any storage device including CD or DVD etc.
  • 5: Download demo version of this Lexar Image Rescue software and run on your computer. Connect damaged Lexar Micro SD Card to the computer and restore data from it. If it works as per your requirement then get its licensed version to save the recovered results.

How to Encrypt Files and Folders Using BitLocker Drive Encryption?

How to Encrypt Files and Folders Using BitLocker Drive EncryptionWhen we talk about security and theft of data, there is actually very little option available. Open source encryption facilities are not fully trustworthy. Now you are fully dependable on Windows BitLocker encryption technology.

What is BitLocker?

BitLocker is a drive encryption program designed by Microsoft that provides data protection for your computer. It uses data encryption technology to encrypt all data stored on the Windows volume. Suppose your computer is stolen, or if you don`t want someone else to access your computer, you can use BitLocker to encrypt all files on fixed data drives.


Windows computers running on Windows Vista or 7 Ultimate, Windows Vista or 7 Enterprise, Windows 8.1 Pro, or Windows 8.1 Enterprise supports BitLocker.


BitLocker runs on above mention Windows OS versions; additionally you will require at least two partitions and a Trusted Platform Module (TPM).

A TPM is a microchip inbuilt on computer, used to store cryptographic information, such as encryption keys. Information stored on TPM is secured and safe from third party software attacks and physical theft.

TPM platform is used to protect Windows OS and user data, in case someone tries to tamper your computer when it is left unattended, lost or stolen.

Inside the working process

Your computer will   be protected by encrypting the entire Windows volume.

For this Windows uses TPM to lock the encryption keys that protects the data. TPM verifies the encryption keys whenever someone tries to access your computer. Encrypting the entire volume protects all of the data, including the operating system itself, the Windows registry, temporary files, and the hibernation file. Because the keys needed to decrypt data remain locked by the TPM, an attacker cannot read the data just by removing your hard disk and installing it in another computer.

On computers without TPM compatibility, encryption can be still possible but not with the added security that is possible with TPM platform.

Most people don`t know that there is alternative of BitLocker called EFS (Encrypting file system). Difference between EFS and BitLocker is that EFS is used to encrypt files on single user per basis while with BitLocker you can encrypt the entire drive. Continue reading about EFS. They have provided comprehensive information about the software and how to use BitLocker to encrypt a folder.