How to Retrieve Data from Formatted External Hard Drive

Storing data in external hard drives seems to be a safer way so that the data loss will be minimized. But you can’t predict the errors that may happen which leads to data loss. Under some unavoidable situations like accidental formatting, data from the external hard drive may be lost. You might have external hard drive with 1 TB storage capacity and saved lot of important files like documentation, text files, audios, videos etc. Losing all those files due to accidental formatting is a nightmare to anyone and may even have great negative impact on your work progress.

Losing the files from the computer is a different scenario, in which at least you may have a chance to recover the file from Recycle bin. But data which has been formatted from external hard drive will not leave any trace in the hard drive. So you may think that recovering formatted data from the external hard drive is not possible. But, in the modern era of computers, you do have simple solution for such problems.

Recover Data from Formatted External Hard Drive using Remo Recover

Wonder how to do that? You can recover the entire data formatted under any scenarios using Remo Recover software. Remo Recover application is designed with advanced recovery algorithms which performs the deep scan in the external hard drive and restore formatted external hard drive data. Irrespective of any type of files and external hard drives, it recovers the complete data within short duration of time.

The complete list of data retrieved from the formatted external hard drive will be shown after recovery so that you can restore them back. The data is sorted on basis of date, name, size and software also provides File Type and Data Type views through which you can view the ordered structure of recovered data. You can save the recovery process using “Save Recovery Session” which can be used to resume the process later. To overcome the difficulty of finding the particular file among the recovered data, Remo Recover has inbuilt “Find” tool which helps you to locate the file just by typing the file type.

Added Features of Remo Recover are

  • The software supports data recovery even from reformatted or unbootable hard drives
  • Also supports recovery of data from SATA, SCSI and IDE hard drives, flash memory drives, internal hard disks, FireWire drives, memory cards, iPods, etc. among other storage mediums
  • Data recovery from formatted partitions like FAT32, NTFS, ExFAT can also be done
  • You can Preview the files and check for its accuracy before saving it

Situation under which data loss may occur due to hard drive formatting

  • Accidental Formatting – Sometimes you may unknowingly format the external drive or you might also get error messages like “You need to format the disk” while trying to access the external hard drive. At such instances, if you choose format option the entire data will be formatted or you may not be able to access your drive
  • Damage of file system structure- This may leads to inaccessible drive and formatting becomes necessary
  • Improper way of handling the external drive – Removing the external hard drive while the files are being transferred from or into it may lead to file loss

Other reasons may include Partition Table error i.e. corruption in Partition table of external hard drive also causes file loss or Increased number of bad sectors on the hard disk may also result in inaccessible data.

Popular brands of external hard drives supported by Remo Recover

Seagate, Toshiba, LaCie (Rugged, Minimus), Iomega, HP, Buffalo, Hitachi, Transcend, Fujitsu, Samsung etc.

How to avoid data loss from external hard drive?

  • Check for the important files before formatting the selected partition or whole external hard drive
  • Take regular backup of files stored in the drives