Restore Files From Crashed MacBook

Do you want to recover data from crashed MacBook? Generally, there’s no one particular reason for Mac drive crash. It can be due to modification in BIOS settings or file system corruption or boot sector issues etc. However, we understand your frustration due to data loss. No matter, whatever might be the reason for MacBook crash, read this article to know about data recovery from crashed MacBook without any difficulty.

When you’re MacBook is about to crash, it may suddenly freeze and turn off itself or it may take more time to load programs or sometimes you may encounter error messages or it can be some dreaded blue screens of death (BSOD) or sometime, it will hang up in middle of the startup procedure etc. resulting in data loss.

How to restore data from crashed MacBook ?

Just because you cannot access your data on a crashed hard drive does not mean that data is lost. Hard drives do crash and the best way to protect your data is to have backup, else you can make use of time machine to get the files back in a simple way. However, at certain scenarios you cannot get back lost files. In such situations, make use of Mac data recovery software by Remo, which efficiently scan then Mac drive and then make recovery process easy.

Remo Recover Software to restore data from crashed MacBook

Remo Recover Software designed with integrated algorithms to scan complete Mac HDD within a short span of time. You can perform data recovery from crashed MacBook having file systems like HFS +, FAT 32, HFS X, FAT 16 etc. with utmost ease. This tool even facilitates you to sort recovered data on the basis of file size, name, file type, date etc. With the help of Remo Recover Software, you can restore the data from deleted, formatted or corrupted MacBook. Even you can perform data recovery on several Mac OS based machines like Mac Book Pro, Mac Book Air, Mac Mini etc. without any complexity.

Other features of Remo Recover Software

  • Recovered Files can be rescued on the basis of its unique signature
  • One can easily preview restored files before saving it
  • Retrieved files can be compressed into ZIP format to save memory space
  • Recovered files can also be stored in any accessible drive and also on CD/DVD
  • Users can make use of demo version of this software which is available free of cost before purchasing paid edition
  • Compatible with all latest versions of Mac Operating System including Yosemite

Other data loss scenarios supported by Remo Recover Software:

  • Failure of the Master Boot Record will also lead to hard drive crash, denying access to all the volumes present on the hard drive.
  • The catalog file maintains details regarding the various files and their respective locations on the volumes. Corruption of the Catalog record makes these files inaccessible.
  • There are times when you need to re-install the operating system and in such a situation it is essential to re-format the existing Mac hard disk volumes leads to heavy data loss. Formatting a wrong partition or formatting it unintentionally also leads to loss of data
  • When you re-partition a hard drive either by re-sizing, adding or deleting a partition there are chances that you might accidentally delete a volume or end up losing data due to some other partitioning errors
  • When you are working on some important files on MacBook then user may experience sudden termination of system due to some sort of reasons like system crash, logical error, etc. then there are possibilities that files which user was working might be lost leading to data loss situation
  • During system up gradation or re-installation, some of the data might get lost during the process without any user notification. If user has not maintained any backup of important files then it may cause user with huge loss of data

Points to Remember:

  • Do maintain regular copy of important files and folders
  • Before emptying Trash, cross verify files in it
  • Avoid saving recovered files in the same location from where it was lost