Are you looking to get back photos from SD card? Damaged SD flash card has made last shooting session inaccessible? Don’t look further! This page describes about Remo Recover software which provides professional recovery service to restore all your lost photos from SD card.

 As we know most of all digital cameras, tablets, mobile phones, camcorders and many other digital devices stores captured photos in secure digital flash card. This expandable storage device makes digital camera or Smartphone much larger. But, when SD card stops working you have to lose lots of photos among many of them might be your favorite.

SD card becomes inaccessible when it gets damaged. That is, there are various instances which can cause damage to SD card resulting in loss of photos including other files present in it.

Causes for SD card damage:

Improper handling of SD card: You need to be careful while handling SD cards otherwise SD card can get damaged and display various errors when you access files. Many situations like storing photos when camera or mobile battery is low, trying to store files even though SD card is full, abruptly ejecting SD card from computer or camera, using same SD card with many digital devices can cause damage of SD card.

Improper picture transfer: Suppose sudden power outage occurs when transferring images from SD card to PC then photo transfer process halts with errors. This may even cause damage of SD card.

File system conversion errors:  In some instances, you may convert file system of SD card from one file system type to another. For example: exFAT to FAT32. In such case, while reformatting SD card with new file system if you follow improper method or use unreliable third party tools then the process may end up in displaying errors and even can damage SD card.

External threats: As SD card is a portable memory device it can be connected with various systems for sharing data. If any files are copied from virus infected computer or files downloaded from untrusted sites then SD card file system can get damaged resulting in loss of files including photos present in it.

When SD card is damaged due to any of the above reasons, it may display RAW file system indicating 0 bytes of data. It will ask you to format with a file system to use SD card for storing data. However, don’t format SD card until you retrieve photos from it. So, act fast and use quick restoration tool Remo Recover to perform damaged SD card photo recovery.

Remo Recover software for damaged SD card picture retrieval:

Remo Recover tool is built with specialized technique to scan raw signatures of image files and easily retrieves them from damaged SD card. In case, if you have formatted your SD card, even then you can use this tool for recovering erased pictures. The tool is having wizard based interface, by which you will get simple instructions for each photo recovery step.

You can view retrieved pictures in “File View” or “Data View” before storing them to desired location. Also a free demo copy is provided for recovering photos from damaged SD card. Using which you can verify whether the software has the capability of restoring damaged SD card or not.

 Other significant features of Remo Recover application:

  • It has ability to retrieve images from corrupt SD card which have been captured from HD camera or Smartphone.
  • The tool is able to restore picture of popular formats like JPG, JPEG, PNG, and TIF.
  • Also it supports RAW image file formats like Canon CR2, Pentax PEF, Nikon NEF, Kodak DCR, Konica MRW, Fujifilm RAF, Sony ARW, Olympus ORF, and many more.
  • It supports various manufacturing brands of SD flash memory card such as Olympus, SanDisk, Fujifilm, Samsung, A-Data, Kingston, Verbatim, PNY, Lexar, Toshiba, and other SD card brands available in the market
  • Other than pictures, the tool is also able to restore various audio and video files like AVI, MP3, MP4, MPEG, M4V, WAV, etc from damaged SD card.
  • This tool supports various SD flash card types like SD, mini SD, micro SD, micro SDHC, SDXC, and SDHC.

Note: This software does not damage source image files, while performing damaged SD memory card photo restoration.

 Suggestions for avoiding loss of pictures from SD memory card:

  • Avoid removing SD card while transferring images from computer or vice versa
  • Do not use same SD flash memory card with multiple digital devices
  • Better backup all important pictures stored in SD card to other storage devices