Adobe InDesign may sound as a new word to some people, it is industry standard desktop publishing software introduced by Adobe as a replacement for PageMaker. InDesign files can be published both in system and tablets and it has extensions like .indd, .indt, .indb.

If the user wants to create a book, dynamic resume, poster, or business cards he can do it efficiently with Adobe InDesign software. Many users are fond of using InDesign application due to its dynamic features like blending the images into one another and produce interactive layout. As it is advanced application, it has some complex features and it requires some effort to create the file in Adobe InDesign. If the files are mishandled, both the file and the valuable time spent on preparing it are lost.

For E-publication and magazine related work which targets on system, mobile and tablets, InDesign are used widely. It integrates the work of both Photoshop and Illustrator. So if user is creating the InDesign file for his poster design and if he loses the file by accidental formatting or due to other reasons then the recovery tool is needed for retrieving Adobe InDesign file.

Various reasons for InDesign file loss may include:

  • Accidental formatting of drive may lead to InDesign file loss.
  • The InDesign file will bypass the Trash or Recycle Bin if Shift+Del key is used for deleting it.
  • Terminating the InDesign files suddenly while it is in use causes file crash.
  • While transferring the files from computer to external devices, if the process is interrupted by abruptly taking out the device then file loss occurs.

Needless to worry about the file loss, using highly advanced recovery tool Remo Recover assures the retrieval of the lost InDesign files. Remo Recover’s key strength is that it has a customized scanning mechanism which is fast in retrieving the lost files. It smartly recovers the files deleted using Shift+Del key which bypasses Trash or Recycle Bin. It can retrieve the InDesign files with high quality layouts, objects and text design.

Also files can be retrieved along with formatted text, Tables, graphics, colors and effects which make the layout of InDesign files to be interactive. It carries deep analysis of each and every section and retrieves the files without causing any damage to the original file which is a very important criterion.

It has DIY (Do-It-Yourself) platform which makes it user friendly. It has a well developed user interface which makes the recovery process hassle free. It can help with recovery of file from any kind of file loss.

Adding facilitation to the recovery process, the recovered files are sorted based upon their name, size, file type and date. After sorting is done, the files can be previewed and they can be evaluated by the user. It also has some additional features like find option, Save Recovery session, Create disk image etc. which makes the process furthermore easy.

It is not only restricted to retrieve the InDesign files, it can also retrieve more than 300 types of other files types like DOC, MOV, AVI, PPT, and PST etc. Apart from system, this software can also recover the lost or deleted InDesign files from external hard drives, USB drives, and SD memory cards etc. And it can be used in different versions of Mac and Windows operating systems like Windows XP, Windows 7, Vista, Windows 8 etc.

It can restore data from various types of file systems such as FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and ExFAT file systems on Windows platform.

Suggestions to avoid file loss:

  • Using updated antivirus software minimizes the file loss because file deletion due to virus attack can be avoided.
  • Taking backup of data may consume few more minutes along with file creation.
  • Avoid unethical way of closing the InDesign application
  • Do not abruptly shut down the system while the file is still in use.
  • Avoid forcefully removing the external storage device while the InDesign file is being transferred to it.