Data recovery from undetectable external hard drive

External hard drive is a storage device which is usually used for backup data to prevent loss of data from virus and other reasons. As the name external indicates, they are connected externally to the PC by cable interface. External hard drives are mainly used to increase the storage capacity of computers and generally external HDD are preferred to store data for longer durations. Even with data storage flexibility, portability of external hard disks they may fail to detect due to certain reasons.

 At time users come across astonishing situations when external HDD is unrecognizable.  Well, no worries, you can effortlessly recover data from external hard drive if not detected with the help of Remo Recover software that easily retrieves all the data in couple of minutes. It locates and retrieves data by deeply scanning undetected external hard drive.

There is no ambiguity that you can be able to recover the data from external hard disk, but it is necessary to know the reasons behind the undetected hard disk.

There are several reasons due to which your hard disk will not be recognized and few of the common reasons are mentioned below.

  • Bad Sectors: Bad sectors are inaccessible area which present in your external hard disk increases the risk of external hard disk failure. Thus, a failed external hard drive will not be recognized when connected to your computer.
  • Virus infections: When threats like virus and other malware’s enter in to external hard drive by external storage devices connected to your system or through internet downloads etc. If once your external hard disk is severely infected with viruses, corrupts the file system. Thus, makes your external hard drive unrecognizable.
  • Manufacture defects: Sometimes due to manufacturing defects external hard drive stop working suddenly due to manufacturing defects or it may also become undetected when there are issues with cable interface.
  • Other Reasons: Inappropriate usage of external hard drives, software/hardware clashes, faulty hardware or software errors, improper power supply etc are some common reasons which makes external hard drive not detectable.

Safety measures to prevent data loss from external hard drive

  • Make sure you eject your external hard drive safely
  • Do not remove external hard drive while accessing data from the disk.
  • Avoid connecting your external hard drives to the virus infected computers.
  • Do not install any untrusted application from unreliable websites.

Remo Recover Software to recover data from undetectable external hard drive

Remo Recover Software embedded with advanced algorithms that perform deep scanning of all the sectors on hard drive that is not detected and extracts every bit of data from it.Hence data recovery from unrecognized external hard drive can be performed with ease. Tool is supported on all Windows and Mac system which assists in recovering data from undetected or RAW external hard drives. Also capable of recovering data from accidently formatted or reformatted, repartitioned, corrupt external hard drive with ease.

Application helps in the recovery of various kinds of files such as video files, audio files, archives, documents and many other files on the basis of unique signature.Tool can also restore data from file systems having FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, exFAT formatted partitions or drives. Thus the retrieved files can be arranged based on the various parameters like date, file name, extension, size and other file attributes. With the help of “Find” option the files can be located on the basis of file name, date, creation date, size, extension etc. The recovered data can be stored on any accessible storage device. Even add / edit new signatures for files, which are not listed is provided by the tool.

Tool supports recovery of files from various brands of external hard disk brands like Transcend, Western Digital, Hitachi, Seagate, Fujitsu, LaCie, Buffalo, Samsung and many more. Apart from external hard drive the tool is capable of recovering data from other storage devices such as memory cards, iPods, USB external drives etc. Once the scanning process is completed, you can view recovered data on the basis of file extension using “File Type View” or by using “Data View” option which displays file and folders in hierarchical view.

Additional features of Remo Recover Software to restore data from unrecognizable HDD

Software comes in free trial version and license version, incase of demo version application provided with “Preview” option to view recovered data before saving it and you can able to evaluate data recovery results and later you can move to license version and once obtaining license key, you can save the recovered files on any desired location of your system.

Also additional feature “Save Recovery Session” option is provided; if you want to resume your saving process then they can go for this option which avoids rescanning of entire drive. If you face any difficulty