Picture Recovery from Damaged SD Card

Are you looking to get back photos from SD card? Damaged SD flash card has made last shooting session inaccessible? Don’t look further! This page describes about Remo Recover software which provides professional recovery service to restore all your lost photos from SD card.

 As we know most of all digital cameras, tablets, mobile phones, camcorders and many other digital devices stores captured photos in secure digital flash card. This expandable storage device makes digital camera or Smartphone much larger. But, when SD card stops working you have to lose lots of photos among many of them might be your favorite.

SD card becomes inaccessible when it gets damaged. That is, there are various instances which can cause damage to SD card resulting in loss of photos including other files present in it.

Causes for SD card damage:

Improper handling of SD card: You need to be careful while handling SD cards otherwise SD card can get damaged and display various errors when you access files. Many situations like storing photos when camera or mobile battery is low, trying to store files even though SD card is full, abruptly ejecting SD card from computer or camera, using same SD card with many digital devices can cause damage of SD card.

Improper picture transfer: Suppose sudden power outage occurs when transferring images from SD card to PC then photo transfer process halts with errors. This may even cause damage of SD card.

File system conversion errors:  In some instances, you may convert file system of SD card from one file system type to another. For example: exFAT to FAT32. In such case, while reformatting SD card with new file system if you follow improper method or use unreliable third party tools then the process may end up in displaying errors and even can damage SD card.

External threats: As SD card is a portable memory device it can be connected with various systems for sharing data. If any files are copied from virus infected computer or files downloaded from untrusted sites then SD card file system can get damaged resulting in loss of files including photos present in it.

When SD card is damaged due to any of the above reasons, it may display RAW file system indicating 0 bytes of data. It will ask you to format with a file system to use SD card for storing data. However, don’t format SD card until you retrieve photos from it. So, act fast and use quick restoration tool Remo Recover to perform damaged SD card photo recovery.

Remo Recover software for damaged SD card picture retrieval:

Remo Recover tool is built with specialized technique to scan raw signatures of image files and easily retrieves them from damaged SD card. In case, if you have formatted your SD card, even then you can use this tool for recovering erased pictures. The tool is having wizard based interface, by which you will get simple instructions for each photo recovery step.

You can view retrieved pictures in “File View” or “Data View” before storing them to desired location. Also a free demo copy is provided for recovering photos from damaged SD card. Using which you can verify whether the software has the capability of restoring damaged SD card or not.

 Other significant features of Remo Recover application:

  • It has ability to retrieve images from corrupt SD card which have been captured from HD camera or Smartphone.
  • The tool is able to restore picture of popular formats like JPG, JPEG, PNG, and TIF.
  • Also it supports RAW image file formats like Canon CR2, Pentax PEF, Nikon NEF, Kodak DCR, Konica MRW, Fujifilm RAF, Sony ARW, Olympus ORF, and many more.
  • It supports various manufacturing brands of SD flash memory card such as Olympus, SanDisk, Fujifilm, Samsung, A-Data, Kingston, Verbatim, PNY, Lexar, Toshiba, and other SD card brands available in the market
  • Other than pictures, the tool is also able to restore various audio and video files like AVI, MP3, MP4, MPEG, M4V, WAV, etc from damaged SD card.
  • This tool supports various SD flash card types like SD, mini SD, micro SD, micro SDHC, SDXC, and SDHC.

Note: This software does not damage source image files, while performing damaged SD memory card photo restoration.

 Suggestions for avoiding loss of pictures from SD memory card:

  • Avoid removing SD card while transferring images from computer or vice versa
  • Do not use same SD flash memory card with multiple digital devices
  • Better backup all important pictures stored in SD card to other storage devices

Recovering Adobe InDesign file

Adobe InDesign may sound as a new word to some people, it is industry standard desktop publishing software introduced by Adobe as a replacement for PageMaker. InDesign files can be published both in system and tablets and it has extensions like .indd, .indt, .indb.

If the user wants to create a book, dynamic resume, poster, or business cards he can do it efficiently with Adobe InDesign software. Many users are fond of using InDesign application due to its dynamic features like blending the images into one another and produce interactive layout. As it is advanced application, it has some complex features and it requires some effort to create the file in Adobe InDesign. If the files are mishandled, both the file and the valuable time spent on preparing it are lost.

For E-publication and magazine related work which targets on system, mobile and tablets, InDesign are used widely. It integrates the work of both Photoshop and Illustrator. So if user is creating the InDesign file for his poster design and if he loses the file by accidental formatting or due to other reasons then the recovery tool is needed for retrieving Adobe InDesign file.

Various reasons for InDesign file loss may include:

  • Accidental formatting of drive may lead to InDesign file loss.
  • The InDesign file will bypass the Trash or Recycle Bin if Shift+Del key is used for deleting it.
  • Terminating the InDesign files suddenly while it is in use causes file crash.
  • While transferring the files from computer to external devices, if the process is interrupted by abruptly taking out the device then file loss occurs.

Needless to worry about the file loss, using highly advanced recovery tool Remo Recover assures the retrieval of the lost InDesign files. Remo Recover’s key strength is that it has a customized scanning mechanism which is fast in retrieving the lost files. It smartly recovers the files deleted using Shift+Del key which bypasses Trash or Recycle Bin. It can retrieve the InDesign files with high quality layouts, objects and text design.

Also files can be retrieved along with formatted text, Tables, graphics, colors and effects which make the layout of InDesign files to be interactive. It carries deep analysis of each and every section and retrieves the files without causing any damage to the original file which is a very important criterion.

It has DIY (Do-It-Yourself) platform which makes it user friendly. It has a well developed user interface which makes the recovery process hassle free. It can help with recovery of file from any kind of file loss.

Adding facilitation to the recovery process, the recovered files are sorted based upon their name, size, file type and date. After sorting is done, the files can be previewed and they can be evaluated by the user. It also has some additional features like find option, Save Recovery session, Create disk image etc. which makes the process furthermore easy.

It is not only restricted to retrieve the InDesign files, it can also retrieve more than 300 types of other files types like DOC, MOV, AVI, PPT, and PST etc. Apart from system, this software can also recover the lost or deleted InDesign files from external hard drives, USB drives, and SD memory cards etc. And it can be used in different versions of Mac and Windows operating systems like Windows XP, Windows 7, Vista, Windows 8 etc.

It can restore data from various types of file systems such as FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and ExFAT file systems on Windows platform.

Suggestions to avoid file loss:

  • Using updated antivirus software minimizes the file loss because file deletion due to virus attack can be avoided.
  • Taking backup of data may consume few more minutes along with file creation.
  • Avoid unethical way of closing the InDesign application
  • Do not abruptly shut down the system while the file is still in use.
  • Avoid forcefully removing the external storage device while the InDesign file is being transferred to it.

Easiest Way to Retrieve Lost Files from Laptop hard drive

Recently have your laptop stopped working and your important stored files have got deleted from the device immediately? With the file deletion of loss problem you may have learnt a good lesson that drawbacks of data loss and advantages of keeping back up data. Because as whenever files get deleted from the laptop hard disk, you do not have any back up files. So it is simply impossible to restore your files just immediately after they get deleted or lost. But some surprises are waiting for you that can be like lost data restoration. For the same purpose if you will consult with any technicians, they may ask so much cost but when users performs the lost file recovery procedure at their own, it costs very less.

As compare to other computer hard drives, laptop hard drives are more sensitive and prone to data loss problem. In many ways your laptop hard disk data may get damaged or lost. Immediately after data loss over laptop hard drive, try to restore lost files from your previously saved back up. As in case when you don’t have back up just stop there and stop using the laptop drive again. The simplest approach of getting back lost files is to scan the hard drive thoroughly in case file contents are not overwritten. While scanning the drive, recovery software will successfully recognize all lost details which don’t have the file location address. Only without definite file addresses data are considered as the lost data. So in case when you lose data if you continue using the drive, data which are not complete removed after data deletion or drive format will be deleted permanently.

Here is a video attached which explains how to execute the lost file recovery with most simple approach.

How Files get Lost from Laptop Hard drive?

Now you may be curious to know the reasons which cause data loss issues for you.

MBR Corruption: Laptop hard drive Master Boot Record corruption is a kind of problem which can takes place because of harmful virus attack. Simply MBR corruption is always behind huge data loss problems.

Bad Sectors: The small defective parts of laptop hard disk which could not be working properly due to severe virus attack, inappropriate usage, file system corruption and so on. This faulty part of hard drive increases the trouble to access the file.

Accidental File Deletion: In order to achieve more disk space you may delete some unnecessary files by selecting them. In such a place you may choose some essential files and erase them using Windows delete option Shift +Delete key combination.

Formatting Hard Drive: For resolving format error of laptop hard drive/partition, you may format hard drive intentionally. This commonly happens due to hard drive damage which results in file loss from drive thoroughly.

Some Unique Features of Laptop Disk Recovery Tool:

The best utility of ever, Laptop Disk Recovery software is designed in such way to support lost date recovery from laptop hard drive without any issues. In all kind of data loss scenarios, users need to depend upon the same tool to get lost data back successfully. Whether it is your lost files or deleted data, any file type data can be recovered. All file formats that are up to 300 file types are supported under this utility. Once you launch the software, you are just few clicks away to experience a different outcome of lost file recovery.

Perfect Way to Repair MS Outlook PST Files

Microsoft Outlook software is an email client which is useful for send/receive email messages, meetings, appointments, managing contacts, etc. Outlook contains two types of data files namely Offline Storage File (OST) and Personal Storage Table (PST). All the information associated with MS Outlook will be stored in Personal Storage File.  This data files can be created on variety versions of MS Outlook such as Outlook 2007, MS Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013, MS Outlook 2002, and Outlook 2003. Microsoft Inbox Repair Tool is the built in application of MS Outlook sometimes it fails to fix the severely damaged PST file to overcome from this failure you can use Inbox Repair Tool Outlook software.

Sometimes, while working on Microsoft Outlook, you might encounter with an error message stating that Outlook PST file has been damaged or corrupted. Because of this error message you could not able to access your Outlook PST data file. If you are in such situations, then immediately make use of Inbox Repair Tool Outlook software to fix up the corrupted or damaged PST file.  It is one of the best way to fix the corrupted Outlook PST file that are stored on any hard drives. With the assist of Inbox Repair Tool Outlook you can fix the severely damaged Outlook PST data file within few simple steps. This repair software is completely free from all dangerous malicious threats.

How does PST file get damaged?

  • Generally, PST file gets corrupt or damage while you are accessing with MS Outlook application, it may get update and any kind of interruption during this process will results in PST data file corruption. This interruption may happens because of accidental Outlook exist or power failure.
  • In some cases Outlook PST file is used in common among several individuals via LAN connection. If any damage happens to network devices (Hub, routers, NIC cards, etc) while using PST file, then you face an error message and PST file will be inaccessible.
  • Because of several issues if the file system of the hard drive or storage device is corrupted to retrieve it you might use unreliable third party tool sometimes this may leads to corruption Outlook PST file.
  • All Outlook settings and data are not entirely are stored in Outlook PST data file. Therefore, if you are migrating the Outlook say from one system to another system, then you have to move other data also like Outcmd.dat, which is menu-setting, toolbar etc. In this reason, also your lack of awareness about Outlook 2007 can led to PST file loss.
  • Microsoft Outlook software versions from 2000 to 2013 has diffident storage capacity of MS Outlook PST file. In case, if you exceed those storage limitation in specific Outlook version then there is a chance of PST file damage or corruption.
  • There is a possibility, that Outlook PST file may get damage because of unique factors such as worms or malware infection in the computer, presence of bad sector, oversized PST file, improper system shut down, file system corruption, software crash, CRC error etc.

Main functions of Inbox Repair Tool Outlook:

Inbox Repair Tool Outlook has capability to fix severely damaged MS Outlook PST file on dissimilar versions of Microsoft Outlook application. Along with repair of PST file you can recover the deleted Outlook items namely appointments, contacts, email messages, tasks, journals, RSS feeds, and many other attributes.

Before purchasing you can install free demo version of this repair tool, if you get satisfied with it, then you can go for purchase complete version to save the obtained files. If any issues arises at the time of installation or repairing process then immediately contact support team.

Simple Way of Recovering Deleted Data

Have you unintentionally deleted significant data on storage drives and want to get it back? How to restore deleted data from storage devices? Are these queries coming in your mind?? If it is correct then do not think much about deleted vital data. Answers to all your questions will be resolved by Deleted File Recovery Software. It is capable of recovering all types of files such as video, audio, text, documents, images, etc from SanDisk USB drive.

As we are very well aware of fact that storage drive are very famous for data storage and data can be easily rewritable and transferred. It can afford high storage capability and highest data transfer rate on top of that it is easy to hold. Instead of these aspects, storage devices are not secure enough to save data. At any time, data can be deleted with your simple mistakes on storage drives. Suppose, you are erasing some unwanted data in hurry you may delete some essential data without knowing the importance of the data. With just single click, you will lose huge amount of data from storage devices. If something has occurred unusual with your key data then you will hunt for exact solution. The best solution for such cases is Deleted File Recovery Tool.

When critical data is deleted on storage then data is not gone forever. Instead of that, the pointer that is pointing to the physical location of data is erased from the file allocation table. The deleted data stays at same place on device in inaccessible format. When you realizes that important data has been deleted then you should stop using drive to prevent permanent loss of significant data. This is because, if you continue to use storage device then chances are that data might be overwritten with new data.

In addition, data can be deleted for permanent if you have used shift+ delete key button. When you use such type of deletion method then data will be bypasses from recycle bin. Sometimes data can be deleted with virus attack. When your storage drive is infected with viruses then you will use antivirus tool to remove virus. While scanning often data may be deleted.

You may also deleted if you accidentally format the storage devices without having the backup data then it will results in massive data loss. Therefore, whatever may be the reason behind the deletion of vital data you simply perform data recovery for deleted files with ease.

The superlative software is best to perform deleted file recovery, which has been deleted because of any situation. It does not matter if your data is erased from portable hard drive, memory card (CF, SD, XD, etc), pen drives and so on you can easily perform data recovery for deleted files by employing this recovery program. The file recovery tool is special designed with an in-built scanning algorithm to bring back deleted data. Since, the recovery application comes with a user-friendly interface and it requires minimum number of steps from users to restore deleted data with no difficulty. Even it does not alter the original content after recovering the data. To check out more features of this recovery tool, you can download it’s trial version and retrieve your data.

Know How to Retrieve Erased Files from Pen Drive

Pen drives are the one of the foremost convenient kinds of data storage devices of the modern computing life. These are very quick and compact non-volatile storage device with numerous storage capacities. These devices are abundantly employed by almost all the people in order to store and transfer data with ease. Hence these powerful devices are terribly useful and data stored on is incredibly vital.

Sometimes, unfortunately you may lose data from pen drive due to various reasons. Hence, to perform pen drive deleted data recovery, you have to use some trusted software so that you can recover deleted data from pen drive. In such situations you can use Pen Drive Data Recovery Software to recover deleted data from pen drive because this software is reviewed and recommended by many industry experts. Let’s just go through some scenarios in which your Pen Drive Data may get delete.

Accidental Deletion: Accidental or unintentional file deletion like accidentally deleting any file, data of the drive, accidentally performing Shift + Delete actions, etc. As a result, you may lose data.

Error While File Transfer: If any interruptions occur while transferring files from Pen drive to system or vice-versa then you may end up with data loss.

De-fragmentation: De-fragmentation is the process of arrangement of data in organized manner on a hard drive. During such process, if any interruptions occur then it leads to data loss.

Using Third Party Applications: Sometimes you are unable to access the files stored in your Pen drive as a result of virus invasion on it. Therefore, to make your Pen drive free from viruses you opt for scanning method with Antivirus software. If the data is severely corrupted then that data might get delete without notification.

Other Reasons: There are various reasons behind data loss from Pen Drive such as improper use of Pen drive, formatting pen drive, using third party applications, etc.

Features of Pen Drive Data Recovery Software:

  • This software performs pen drive deleted data recovery on all versions of Windows such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 2007, Windows 2003, etc.
  • It restores deleted or lost audio, music, video, documents, etc.
  • It permit you to get back your deleted files even if any error message displays on your system screen.
  • This software recovered files and can be sorted on the basis of date of creation, file size, file name, etc.
  • Using Preview option user can view the recovered media files before storing them.
  • Technical team is present 24*7 to help the users if they come across any issues during recovering process.

How to Convert OST File into PST File?

The increase in number of internet users is quite evident these days and users associated with any organization are well aware of Microsoft Outlook. Outlook is considered to be one among the most essential application that plays a huge part in business organizations. Most of the users prefer to use Outlook for communicating with others mainly due to its efficiency to work even in the absence of network connection. The offline data is stored inside Offline Storage Table called as OST file, this facility wouldn’t be available if there was no Microsoft Exchange Server.

The offline mode allows the users to access their mails, create new emails, reply to it, add contacts, set reminders and various other tasks. Most of the users will find it difficult to get always connected with internet when they are travelling due to network issues. And whenever they get connected with internet the Outlook profile will change from offline to online mode by converting OST to PST, which is called as synchronization. So by this way your Outlook profile will get synchronized by collaborating with Microsoft Exchange Server. But there may be times when the Microsoft Exchange Server fails to synchronize the Outlook data due to various reasons. This can turn out to be major setback for Outlook users, as they largely depend on Outlook to complete their tasks. In these situations, you might require an aid from a reliable Outlook OST to PST converting tool, so that you can gain access to Outlook profile back again. Let us get to know the situations where you might require the services of this OST to PST converting tool

Situations where you will have to convert OST file to PST file:

  • Suppose, if you want to access the Outlook profile on your newly purchased system or another system. In these situations you will have to move the OST file into that system and use an OST to PST converting tool to convert OST file into PST file.
  • In order to move the Exchange Server information in the Outlook, user will have to perform OST to PST file conversion.
  • In case, if the OST file created by the Exchange Server is unable to synchronize due to reasons like system crash or corruption situation which denies the user to access the Outlook profile.
  • Harmful viruses that is affected in your system will impact the Outlook OST file adversely as it damages the Outlook OST file making the Outlook profile inaccessible.

If you are finding it difficult on how to deal in these situations then Converting OST to PST tool will come in handy for you. This OST to PST converting tool has the potential to resolve such issues and helps you in regaining access to Outlook profile by converting OST file to PST file. It is one of the most recommended OST to PST converting tool that allows user to regain access to Outlook attributes that went inaccessible due to several reasons.

OST to PST file converting software

Converting OST to PST is a professional OST to PST converter which is designed for the purpose of converting OST file to PST file. It helps the users to regain access to emails, calendar items, contacts, RSS feeds, notes, sent items, etc. which went inaccessible due to situations like OST file corruption, crash or damage. Converting OST to PST is a read-only tool i.e. the original source file is kept intact, no further modification will be done to it unlike the inbuilt utilities of Outlook. This OST to PST converting tool will create a new file after reading the source OST file. With the help of this OST to PST converter you can easily convert encrypted OST file on all versions of Windows operating systems. It also supports OST to PST file conversion on Outlook versions like Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010, Outlook, 2000, etc.

Recover Data from Undetectable External Hard drive

Data recovery from undetectable external hard drive

External hard drive is a storage device which is usually used for backup data to prevent loss of data from virus and other reasons. As the name external indicates, they are connected externally to the PC by cable interface. External hard drives are mainly used to increase the storage capacity of computers and generally external HDD are preferred to store data for longer durations. Even with data storage flexibility, portability of external hard disks they may fail to detect due to certain reasons.

 At time users come across astonishing situations when external HDD is unrecognizable.  Well, no worries, you can effortlessly recover data from external hard drive if not detected with the help of Remo Recover software that easily retrieves all the data in couple of minutes. It locates and retrieves data by deeply scanning undetected external hard drive.

There is no ambiguity that you can be able to recover the data from external hard disk, but it is necessary to know the reasons behind the undetected hard disk.

There are several reasons due to which your hard disk will not be recognized and few of the common reasons are mentioned below.

  • Bad Sectors: Bad sectors are inaccessible area which present in your external hard disk increases the risk of external hard disk failure. Thus, a failed external hard drive will not be recognized when connected to your computer.
  • Virus infections: When threats like virus and other malware’s enter in to external hard drive by external storage devices connected to your system or through internet downloads etc. If once your external hard disk is severely infected with viruses, corrupts the file system. Thus, makes your external hard drive unrecognizable.
  • Manufacture defects: Sometimes due to manufacturing defects external hard drive stop working suddenly due to manufacturing defects or it may also become undetected when there are issues with cable interface.
  • Other Reasons: Inappropriate usage of external hard drives, software/hardware clashes, faulty hardware or software errors, improper power supply etc are some common reasons which makes external hard drive not detectable.

Safety measures to prevent data loss from external hard drive

  • Make sure you eject your external hard drive safely
  • Do not remove external hard drive while accessing data from the disk.
  • Avoid connecting your external hard drives to the virus infected computers.
  • Do not install any untrusted application from unreliable websites.

Remo Recover Software to recover data from undetectable external hard drive

Remo Recover Software embedded with advanced algorithms that perform deep scanning of all the sectors on hard drive that is not detected and extracts every bit of data from it.Hence data recovery from unrecognized external hard drive can be performed with ease. Tool is supported on all Windows and Mac system which assists in recovering data from undetected or RAW external hard drives. Also capable of recovering data from accidently formatted or reformatted, repartitioned, corrupt external hard drive with ease.

Application helps in the recovery of various kinds of files such as video files, audio files, archives, documents and many other files on the basis of unique signature.Tool can also restore data from file systems having FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, exFAT formatted partitions or drives. Thus the retrieved files can be arranged based on the various parameters like date, file name, extension, size and other file attributes. With the help of “Find” option the files can be located on the basis of file name, date, creation date, size, extension etc. The recovered data can be stored on any accessible storage device. Even add / edit new signatures for files, which are not listed is provided by the tool.

Tool supports recovery of files from various brands of external hard disk brands like Transcend, Western Digital, Hitachi, Seagate, Fujitsu, LaCie, Buffalo, Samsung and many more. Apart from external hard drive the tool is capable of recovering data from other storage devices such as memory cards, iPods, USB external drives etc. Once the scanning process is completed, you can view recovered data on the basis of file extension using “File Type View” or by using “Data View” option which displays file and folders in hierarchical view.

Additional features of Remo Recover Software to restore data from unrecognizable HDD

Software comes in free trial version and license version, incase of demo version application provided with “Preview” option to view recovered data before saving it and you can able to evaluate data recovery results and later you can move to license version and once obtaining license key, you can save the recovered files on any desired location of your system.

Also additional feature “Save Recovery Session” option is provided; if you want to resume your saving process then they can go for this option which avoids rescanning of entire drive. If you face any difficulty