Restore MicroSD card

MicroSD card is removable storage device, which is very small when compared to other memory cards. This card is used in mobile phones, GPS devices, portable media players, digital audio players, expandable USB flash drives and digital cameras. With an integral MicroSD memory card your mobile phone will be able to store more images, music, games, apps and video than ever before.

Even though there are many advantages in using MicroSD card, still there are chances of losing data from it due to some reasons. Consider a situation, where you have stored your most precious images on MicroSD card. While removing unnecessary images from the MicroSD card, you have accidentally deleted some important images from it. Thus you have lost valuable pictures from it.

Regardless of above mentioned scenario there are many other situations where you may lose your data from MicroSD card. They are:

Formatting MicroSD card– you might accidentally format the MicroSD card using “Format Memory Card” option on your mobile phones or digital camera, which will erase all the data from your memory card.

Virus infection– Virus infection may harm your MicroSD card and make it inaccessible, which will results in loss of important data from your card.

Interruption while transferring– While transferring data from MicroSD card to system, if any interruption occurs like power surge, improper ejection of memory card and abrupt termination of the system then it may lead to loss of data situation.

File System Corruption– There are chances that your data might get deleted, lost or inaccessible when your MicroSD card gets corrupted due to a damaged file system.

These are the frequent data loss scenarios which can occur while using memory card. When these situation occurs don’t get panic, because it is possible to recover data from MicroSD card. Remo Recover is advanced tool which helps in recovering MicroSD card with an utmost ease .

Remo Recover is neat and handy tool which helps you to recover data from lost, deleted, corrupted and formatted MicroSD card. Furthermore, it can recover any kinds of data from MicroSD card, they may be photos, music, videos, documents, and so on. It has the ability to retrieve and identifies more than 50 file formats which includes JPEG, JPG, MP3, AVI, PEF, MP4 etc. Along with that, it is also used to recover data from various brands of MicroSD card such as SanDisk, Kingston, Transcend, Sony and HP.  This tool not only recovers MicroSD card, but also rescue data from other memory cards such as SD, SDHC card, SDIO card, CF card, XD card, MMC, memory stick and miniSD card etc.

Apart from MicroSD card, it is also helpful to retrieve data from other storage devices such as hard drives, external USB drives and iPods etc. It also recovers media files, which bypass Recycle bin and Trash folder, when they exceed maximum size limit. This tool creates Disk images to bypass bad sectors, later you can recover data from these Disk images. With its demo version it provides a Preview option so that you can view restored data before purchasing full version. It supports all latest versions of Windows and Mac Operating System

Promising features of Remo Recover

  • Its powerful scanning algorithm scans entire memory card in few minutes
  • It recover data with its original name from MicroSD card.
  • It helps to recover data from different kinds of file system like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, HFS and HFS+.
  • You can recover media files from formatted partitions.
  • “Save Recovery Session” option helps to save valuable time of user, by avoiding rescan of entire drive
  • The recovered files and folders can be stored in a compressed fashion in a Zip file save disk space.
  • After recovery of data you can store it in any storage device which includes pen drives, CD/DVD, external hard drives etc.

Why Remo Recover?

Remo Recover comes with a very simple and easy to use interface. Only few steps should be followed to complete the recovery process. Even beginners can use this tool with ease. It is read only application, which will not write anything to your original files. It creates exact replica of files and make changes to those files. “Data View” option displays your restored data on its hierarchical form and “File Type View” helps in displaying your restored file based on its file type. Along with that, it also consumes very less memory on your system for installation.

Tips to follow:

  • Always try to maintain back up of your MicroSD card data, which helps you in data loss situation.
  • Scan your memory card with the help of good anti-virus software to avoid virus attack.
  • Check twice before performing any operation on your memory card to avoid accidental deletion.
  • Do not overwrite the memory card, during data loss situation because it makes the recovery process difficult.
  • Do not use same MicroSD card in different devices.