Simple Utility to Delete Multiple Contacts on iPhone

Do you have multiple contacts on your iPhone? Are you feeling difficulty in finding a particular contact very quickly? If your answer is “Yes” to these questions, then it is really a worrisome incidence for you. Since deletion of iPhone contacts at a time is a very tedious process because iPhone lets its user to delete a single contact at the same time and it’s a time consuming process. If you are looking for an answer to erase multiple contacts on iPhone, then stay calm as you are at right location. This informative article provides you useful guidance to erase many contacts on iPhone easily.

Consider a situation in which you are working in an organization then definitely you will have plenty of contacts and each number is very important for you. Sometimes, you might unknowingly save the same contact number with many names. Hence, you might fail unable to find right contact number and you will be in confusion regarding the right contact number. You can identify and delete multiple contacts one by one as iPhone does not allow its user to delete multiple contacts at a time. In case, you have 1500 in that 50 contacts are duplicated then it is very complicated job for you to find and remove them. In such cases, there are possibilities of losing right contact numbers.

The storage of multiple contacts on iPhone can reduce the performance of iPhone and such contacts occupy enough memory space. It is not difficult to find and remove duplicate contacts in iPhone by using Remo More tool. It has inbuilt feature namely “Remove duplicates”, which will delete contacts as per duplicate names, duplicate numbers, duplicate email info and similar names. It scans your iPhone rigorously for erasing multiple contacts. It also lets you to choose the duplicate contacts which you want to erase by keeping the original one. Additionally, it displays a contact numbers how many times repeated according to that you are able to delete multiple contacts on iPhone. All series of iPhone like iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S and 5 are supported by this admirable software.

You can run this utility yourself on iPhone without any problems. It is freely available application and has the potential to run on all the advanced iOS Smartphone’s and Tablets. It will boost up the performance of iOS devices and identifies free space from iPhone internal storage space. By means of its Contacts Backup option, it is possible to backup your contacts. In addition, it runs effectively on Android, Windows and Mac computers. This intelligent utility will remove junk files, manage power and fix performance related issues. Thus, it is said to be a complete application for managing, recovering, enhancing and optimizing your iPhone and Tablets.

There are many disadvantages of having multiple contacts on iPhone, some are listed below:

Wastage of memory space

Lack of memory space for storing other contacts

In some cases, you may confuse to select right contact number

Reduces your iPhone performance