Jovial Software to Lock Files on MacBook Pro

I have a list of files which I do not want to share with others. I want to hide them in my MacBook Pro laptop. However, if I hide those files by means of hid option, then any technically expert user can easily locate those files. Thus, I am looking for an app which can lock my files very safely. If there is any tool to lock confidential files, then please help me.

Almost all users have such confidential files on their MacBook Pro laptop and they do not allow others to view them. You are not a single user who does not want to share those files and the files could be your family images, office documents, excel sheet containing crucial data, etc. It is difficult to avoid others from seeing your files. So, locking your MacBook Pro with a password can help you a lot. But what happens when you employ a shared or a family MacBook Pro? In such case, anyone with the password of the account can access your files. Hence, it is better to lock the files.

Let us discuss some techniques to lock files on MacBook Pro:

The Apple has built in default method to protect files and folders with a password. You can just below said points:

Create your folder full of files, documents and launch Disk Utility

Go to File-> New-> New Disk Image from Folder

Later, Select Folder to image window will appear, now select the folder to which you like to protect and choose a folder you have created previously to keep the protected files

Select the “AES-128” encryption option and click on Save

Type your preferred new password twice

Click OK and then the Disk Utility can create the encrypted image. Now you have both encrypted image and unprotected folder on your MacBook Pro laptop.

This method works fine only when you are not adding more files to this folder. It is due to this folder won’t expand to have new files as and when they are added. In case you need an encrypted container which can have more files, then you have to consider creating an encrypted sparse mage. But the process requires more technical knowledge and it is a worrisome process. In such case, you might think “how to lock files on MacBook Pro?” Do not worry, use Remo More tool to lock your files with a safety password on MacBook Pro with ease. Even the actual owner will be prohibited from accessing his/ her files when he / she incapable to provide correct password. Thus, your privacy remains safe.

It has self explanatory interface, which can help even novice users to password protect confidential files on MacBook Pro and other Mac laptops like MacBook Air, iMac and Mac Mini. After locking your files, you are able to add some new files to the encrypted folder. It does not alter original content of files while protecting. Additionally, it provides facility to reset the password. This able software can lock files and folders of documents, videos, audio, excel sheets and pictures. It runs on multiple platforms like Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. Once the files are locked, even the actual user can unlock until the correct password is provided. If you want to remove the password assigned to any of the files, then use “Remove Files” option provided by this utility.