Inimitable Software to Erase Android App History

With the increase in technology, there are many devices are available free in Google Play store, which is recurrently and regularly used by user. The popular Android apps are WhatsApp, TrueCaller, hangouts, KoolSpan, Trustcall, such as antivirus, messaging, gaming, browser apps, etc. When you install an Android app on your device, it generates a history file, which in turn stores all activities we do that in app. Thus installing downloading and installing many apps to your Android device speed reduces gradually. Thus, there is need to delete your Android app history to get rid of problems.

Assume you are making use of WhatsApp Android application in your mobile and you regularly employ this app to chat, send and receive data from your friends. All these information gets stored in Android Apps history. In order to secure your Android device security, you have to erase history regularly but some downloaded files like videos, images, etc. still present in your device. Hence, they east your device space and makes your phone to operate slowly. Moreover, it is totally difficult to locate and erase all these info manually in your Android phone. Thus, there is a question how to erase Android App history? No need to worry, you need a powerful third party tool called Remo More to scan your device completely to identify all Apps history and deletes them with ease.

Most of the times, you can download freely available apps. You can see such free app featured on blog and download it. Later on, you realize that there is no use of that app, so you can delete it from your Android device. But what to do when you have a helpful app which you never want to erase, where as the app continuously wasting space on your device. Is there any solution? If no, then go through this tool. It is specially used to delete app history from your Android phones or tablets. The app is useful when you want to erase unwanted data such as cookies, browsing history, book marks, log files, cache, download history, etc. Many people do not clear their app history and ultimately end up with sluggish performance of Android device. It runs on recent editions of Android OS like 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 3.2, 4.0, 4.1, etc.

It is compatible with all manufacturers of Android like HTC, Sony, Dell, Micromax, LG, Motorola, Samsung, etc. It is a freely available app to remove all Android apps history enduringly from Smartphones and Tablets. Even it deletes call log, clipboard, SMS, free space, etc. with ease. By means of it, you can keep the device speed always good. Furthermore, some users do not have knowledge to perform all these activities. In such case, you can use it wipe off all Apps history. It can make use of 3 various shredding patterns to erase all apps permanently without leaving any traces. It offers user-friendly interface with step-by step instructions for deleting Android app history.

It uses Duplicate Number finder option to find out identical mobile numbers on your Android phone. By using this competent software, you can backup Android device SMS, bookmark, app, contacts, etc. It helps you to protect your privacy and avoid wastage of memory. It works fine on Android OS editions like Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, KitKat, etc. It is supports all major browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc. furthermore, it erases all past audio, videos and other data from WhatsApp cache. This tool lets you to select browser type and items which you wish to erase from your device.